Pedagogy Workshops

Becoming a better teacher

Becoming a better teacher

Pedagogy Workshops 2022/2023

We are offering a series of online workshops again this academic year on Saturday mornings for practising teachers, CELTA graduates and those considering taking a Celta course and for all those interested in the English language. ​





Grammar Pedagogy

Grammar teaching can be fun for both the teacher and the students. We will provide you with a variety of ways to create dynamic, engaging and effective grammar lessons for your learners. You will leave with a better understanding of all aspects of English grammar and be looking forward to getting back into the classroom to meet Grammar teaching head-on.

15 October

11 to 1 pm

Vocabulary analysis and teaching: How to make vocabulary learning engaging, personalised and effective for your students

The workshop will provide you with a variety of ways to create enjoyable and learning-centred vocabulary lessons for your students resulting in successful vocabulary acquisition and more effective strategies for acquiring vocabulary.

05 November

11 to 1 pm

Materials evaluation and development

Is your coursebook boring? Do your students relate to it? Do you, as a teacher, like it?

There is so much authentic material we can adapt for the classroom. But how to do it? This session is hands-on, and you will leave with so many ideas on how to bring your coursebook to life and to adapt and create materials that meet the real needs and interests of your students. 


26 November

11 to 1 pm

How to integrate technology effectively into your teaching

This workshop will present an overview of the array of technology at our disposal for teaching English today. We will provide a variety of ways to successfully integrate technology into face-to-face teaching, and how to teach with more confidence and achieve effective student engagement in an online context.

10 December

11 to 1 pm

Dealing with mixed abilities


No two learners are the same and no two classes are either.

This workshop will establish what we mean by mixed abilities and how to plan for and react to these in our classrooms, providing participants with techniques and solutions to ensure our learners are engaged and learning.

28 January

11 to 1 pm

Tools and techniques for effective and engaging pronunciation lessons


Let’s take a deep dive into the English language sound system and explore aspects of stress, rhythm, intonation and pronunciation of individual sounds and words, and discover how to help your learners improve their overall pronunciation skills in a series of fun and engaging classroom activities you can apply with ease in your own teaching.

04 March

11 to 1 pm

Empowering learning and learners and you as a teacher

Learn how to extend learning beyond the classroom and empower accelerated learning when in the classroom. 



25 March

11 to 1 pm

Project Based Learning



This workshop will show you how to set up and manage projects which enhance English language development in a variety of teaching contexts.

29 April

11 to 1 pm


You can choose to take the full series of workshops or just select those which interest you most.

The sessions are interactive and hands-on. You will acquire skills and understanding to deliver dynamic English lessons for your students; lessons which will allow for engaging and effective learning to take place. ​

It is also a great opportunity to connect with fellow English language practitioners. ​

A certificate of attendance is provided for all workshops.

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