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CELTA On Campus


Our Centre now offers both online and on-campus face-to-face CELTA courses.

C E L T A  (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

CELTA is an introductory course for people with little or no teaching experience in English language teaching. Candidates with some experience but little or no formal ELT training are also considered.

CELTA courses are of an extremely practical nature.  They are approximately 120 hours in duration and comprise methodology, language analysis, lesson planning, practice teaching and feedback, the observation of practising teachers and writing.

Entry & Course Requirements

Candidates must be educated to the standard required for entry into higher education and be at least 18 years of age. It is recommended, however, that candidates should hold a primary degree or have entered or be about to enter the final year of their primary degree.

Selection for all courses is by written application and interview. Acceptance on to a course is not automatic and the selection process is quite rigorous. Acceptance on to the course is made subject to satisfactory references being supplied. You are asked to provide the name and email contact details of two referees for us to contact when you submit your application form.

Candidates should have an awareness of language and a competence in both written and spoken English that will enable them to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels. They should also have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective teachers and to successfully complete the written assignments and the assessment of teaching practice.

Candidates whose first language is not English 

We welcome all speakers of English, not just native speakers of English. All applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements set by Cambridge English. They must be a proficient English language user (between CEFR Level minimum C1 and C2 or above).  Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to show documentary proof of their current level, usually by way of a Certificate from an English language competency test, for example, the Cambridge suite of examinations or IELTS.  Note: An IELTS Certificate that is more than two years old will not be accepted.

Candidates must have proficient computer skills.

Course Requirements

CELTA candidates are expected to attend the whole course. Furthermore, as part of the general course requirements, they are required to:

  • do 6 hours of practice teaching*
  • observe 6 hours of experienced teachers teaching classes
  • maintain a portfolio of all their work including written assignments, lesson plans and teaching materials
  • submit the required written assignments

Candidates will also need to spend a minimum of 80 hours reading, researching, assignment writing and lesson preparation, outside the course.

*Teaching practice is conducted with groups of English language learners at above and below Intermediate level of ability in English.

In Ireland, you cannot teach in an ACELS-recognized school without a primary degree. ACELS is the Advisory Council for English Language Schools and they can be contacted at the website: and email:

For Cambridge, the examining body for CELTA, it is possible to teach in the UK without a primary degree and in some other countries too, although this is becoming increasingly rare.  As a CELTA centre, we can accept people on a CELTA course if we feel they have strengths that compensate for the lack of a primary degree.

However, if your qualification is professionally orientated rather than a degree or in some grey area in relation to a primary degree you would need to consult with ACELS to check whether this would, with CELTA, allow you to teach in an ACELS-recognised school.

For the fully online CELTA course, you do need to be computer literate and have access to reliable Wi-Fi and a desktop computer/laptop/tablet that has a camera and a microphone. It is also required that you have a quiet place where you will not be interrupted to use these when you are teaching online or following the course input sessions. Check our Online CELTA page for more details.


Assessment is carried out on a continuous basis for both the practical and written work. CELTA courses are internally assessed and externally moderated by an approved external assessor, appointed by Cambridge.

Candidates are assessed on their 6 hours of teaching practice, 4 written assignments and their professional development and suitability. The assessment of professional development is included as an integral part of the written assignments and teaching practice.

By the end of the course, candidates should demonstrate that they:

  • can prepare, plan and teach lessons designed for adult learners of English
  • can apply ELT theory to practice in classroom teaching
  • are familiar with key ELT concepts and terminology
  • are sensitive to relevant aspects of professional development
  • are able to use written and spoken language in the classroom which is clear and coherent and essentially free of mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Candidates are awarded the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) if they satisfactorily fulfil all the requirements of the course and the assessment criteria. Certificates are awarded at Pass, Pass B and Pass A.

Candidates who fail to meet criteria in any or all assessed components or who do not satisfactorily fulfil all the course requirements will be awarded a Fail.


Interviews will take place by arrangement with a CELTA Tutor. The interview process lasts approximately two hours during which candidates will be tested on their language awareness and will be interviewed by a Course Tutor.

Please note that places are limited and being called for an interview is not a guarantee of acceptance.

You will find this blog which consists of interviews with past CELTA trainees of interest as they describe well the level of commitment involved. Please take time to read them, as evidence of awareness of the course structure and demands is required at the interview stage.

Course fees for all CELTA courses

The course fee for CELTA  is €1,795.00

  • If called for an interview, a fee of €50 is payable by credit/debit card (non-refundable)
  • A deposit of €500, which is non-refundable is payable on the day of the interview (after acceptance on the course). Those that are called for an interview need, therefore, to bring this deposit with them on the day of the interview. Failure to show means of paying the deposit before the interview may mean that the interview may not take place as scheduled. 
  • The final payment of €1245.00 is payable within four weeks of being offered a place on the course and in any event not later than four weeks before commencement of the course. Two passport photos must be submitted with the final payment so that a student ID card can be produced before the commencement of the course.

If fees are not paid in full within four weeks of being offered a place on the course, the candidate’s place on the course may be forfeited and offered to the next person on the waiting list. You can pay your fees by credit/debit card.  Please post, hand or email your application to the Language Centre, G.36, O’Rahilly Building (main campus), University College Cork, Cork, Ireland or by email

Fees are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstances e.g. on production of a Medical Certificate.  If after the course commences, a trainee has to withdraw under exceptional circumstances e.g. due to illness or family bereavement, it may be possible, on production of the necessary paperwork, to either transfer their place to a future course (this may be subject to payment of an additional fee) or issue a partial refund (fees less deposit, portion of course taken, administration fee and any external fees paid).  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

How To Apply

Please complete this registration form
Applications should be forwarded by email only to

For more specific information you can email us at

Please note that submitting an application form does not guarantee an interview. Courses will run only if minimum numbers are met to form a class. If the course does not run, a full refund will issue. Selection is at the discretion of the Course Director.

Course Dates 2024-2025


Courses  2024  

Dates in 2024  

No. of Weeks   Format     Availability   

On campus


May - June

Mon 20 May -

Thurs 27 June 

5 weeks 

(10-14 June is

a study week)

Mon to Thursday

09:00 - 17:00  


On Campus


Sept - Nov

Wednesday 11 Sept -

Friday 15 Nov 

10 weeks 

Wedn & Fridays

09:00 - 17:00


Online Extensive 

Oct - Dec

Tuesday 01 October -

Thursday 12 December. 

10 weeks *

Tues & Thursdays

13:30 - 17:30 







Courses 2025

Dates in 2025

No of weeks 



-On Campus Extensive

Wednesday 15 January -

Friday 21 March

10 weeks 

Wedn & Fridays

09:00 - 17:00 

-On Campus Intensive

Monday 19 May -

Thursday 26 Jun 

5 weeks 

Mon to Thursday

09:00 - 17:00 


*There are also 5 scheduled online input sessions (day and time to be confirmed) over the course of the ten weeks. 

Language Centre

Lárionad Teanga

Main Office, G36, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland

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