P1: Connected Curriculum

Priority 1: Develop a Connected Curriculum, building on existing strengths and best practice globally

Priority 1: Develop a Connected Curriculum, building on existing strengths and best practice globally

A Connected Curriculum emphasises the holistic development of students and staff through research-based, collaborative enquiry. It is designed to prepare students for their future, combining academic with professional, community-based, field-based and inter-professional learning to develop values, skills and aptitudes that promote civic participation, social inclusion, sustainability and impactful, global citizenship. There are many examples of good-practice Connected Curriculum approaches in UCC. A range of actions are proposed to make these connections more visible, to deepen them, and to extend them to all curriculum offerings. UCC’s Connected Curriculum framework has six distinct interconnected components as follows: 

UCC's Connected Curriculum framework

Operational Plan

Lead sponsor: Deputy President & Registrar Prof John O'Halloran

Administrative Lead: Catherine O'Mahony, Administrative Director of the Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning 

ActionProgress & Plans
1. Incorporate peer-review approaches to review current curriculum offerings and surface and document good practice in connected approaches. Details here
2. Recognise and promote good practice. Details here
3. Develop and extend good practice through staff development efforts and optimisation of existing UCC initiatives that can support the delivery of a Connected Curriculum. Details here
4. Create opportunities for students to be co-creators of and partners in curriculum design and development to maximise their learning. Details here
5. Encourage curriculum revision and review of learning outcomes to embed the components of a Connected Curriculum, as relevant to the discipline. Details here
6. Develop new curriculum offerings using the Connected Curriculum framework. Details here
7. Develop Global Networks with like-minded universities. Details here

Deputy President & Registrar

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