P3: Assessment

Priority 3: Constructively align effective assessment practices with learning outcomes

Priority 3: Constructively align effective assessment practices with learning outcomes

The objective of this priority is to ensure that assessment is aligned in an effective and visible way with module and programme learning outcomes and with graduate values and attributes. In this way assessment and feedback will be used to empower students to become self-regulated lifelong and life-wide learners. During the cycle of this plan a number of actions are proposed that will encourage appropriate formative and summative assessment practices that are balanced across the semesters.

Operational Plan

Lead Sponsor: Vice-President for Teaching & Learning, Paul McSweeney

Administrative Lead: Dr. Siobhan Cusack, Examinations & Records Officer

ActionProgress & Plans
12. Undertake a review of existing assessment practice (Stage 1 completed). Details here
13. Effective assessment and feedback practices will be supported by enabling policies. An assessment policy will be developed with a view to increasing the diversity of assessment methods, to include research-based and work-based assessments that align with the development of graduate attributes. Furthermore, it will encourage the optimisation of technology in assessment, as relevant to the discipline.  Details here
14. Groupwork guidelines will be implemented and will form a part of the overall assessment policy. Details here
15. Marks and Standards will be reviewed and simplified to achieve consistency in how regulations are observed. Update Q4 2018
16. Exam timetabling will be enhanced and the necessity for autumn examinations will be reviewed. Details here

Deputy President & Registrar

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