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Student Administration Systems

Student Administration Systems Project

What is the Student Administration Systems Project?

Over the next 3-5 year the university will invest in the upgrading and modernising our core student engagement and academic administration systems. This portfolio of systems includes:

  1. A Student Records System.
  2. A Curriculum Management System.
  3. A Digital Student Hub.


Why are we making this investment?

Our current systems have served us well but in order to keep pace with the ambition of the university we need to make sure we have the necessary resources in place to make our goals a reality.

The programme will form part of the resource base needed to support and operationalise the delivery of academic strategy goals and initiatives.  It will also deliver enhanced levels of automation improving efficiency and most importantly experiences for both our students and staff.


Who will benefit?

This programme has a university wide footprint and will benefit a wide variety of stakeholders. Some of the benefits will include:

  • Students: Through a digital student hub, students will be able to avail of an ever increasing array of services online.
  • Schools & Departments: Academic staff and school\department administrative staff will find the management and monitoring of their programmes and students’ performance to be less onerous.
  • Administrative Staff: Investments in the student records will reduce the volume of manual effort and rework currently associated with all stage of the student lifecycle.    


About the Student Records System

The student records system is at heart of student administration. It contains all of the biographical and academic information for our students and graduates. It underpins all of the major stages of the student lifecycle from application right through examination and to graduation.

UCC is currently engaged in a tender process that allows us speak to a short list of suppliers before we finalise our requirements. The tender process will is schedule to conclude in Decemeber 2018.


About the Curriculum Management System

The introduction of a new curriculum management system will serve as one source of truth for all curriculum related information. Changes to existing programmes and modules and capturing of all curriculum attributes will be accommodated on this system.

The project team are currently engaged in requirements gathering and have started the process of consultation with colleagues from across our four colleges.


About the Digital Student Hub

UCC is committed to delivering more and more student services online. The digital student hub will enable students to access and engages with our services anytime, anywhere. Already, the programme has delivered online enquiry and order forms to route requests to a customer relationship management system where staff are able to track and manage these.

V1.0 of the digital hub will be completed by the end of the 2018 calendar year and is closely aligned to our service re-design and physical hub building projects.

Digital Hub concept diagram

If you feel you haven’t yet been consulted or haven’t had the opportunity to contribute please contact the programme office on ext.3257 or email

Leas-Uachtarán agus Cláraitheoir/ Deputy President & Registrar

First Floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, UCC, T12 YN60