P5: Enrolment Plan

Priority 5: Establish a student enrolment plan that aligns with student recruitment targets

Priority 5: Establish a student enrolment plan that aligns with student recruitment targets

The objective of this priority is to establish an enrolment plan that will be designed to achieve the desired size and shape of our student body through adopting a more strategic approach to recruitment. This priority links very closely with Priority Two of this plan, which is focused on bringing greater coherence to our curriculum offering. In the implementation phase of this strategy, enrolment planning and curriculum alignment exercises will be carried out simultaneously. A new approach to enrolment planning will see the newly established Recruitment and Admissions function working in close collaboration with the four Colleges, Adult Continuing Education and the Professional Services, to establish achievable and desirable recruitment targets for a coherent and marketable academic portfolio.

The following leading actions are proposed to advance this priority:

Operational Plan

Lead Sponsors: Dr. Ruth Ramsay, Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Prof Stephen Byrne, Dean of Graduate Studies

Administrative Lead: Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

ActionProgress & Plans
22. Review and further develop a student enrolment plan in close collaboration with academic units.  Details here  
23. Develop a recruitment strategy that is in line with the student enrolment plan. Details here
24. Increase capacity for student recruitment in areas of strategic importance. Details here
25. Carry out a review of admissions policies and entry requirements for all student cohorts.  Details here
26. Undertake a strategic review of internationalisation and implement its recommendations as appropriate. Details here
27. Review and consolidate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policies. Details here

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