P5: Enrolment Plan

Priority 5: Establish a student enrolment plan that aligns with student recruitment targets

Priority 5: Establish a student enrolment plan that aligns with student recruitment targets

The objective of this Priority is to establish an enrolment plan that will be designed to achieve the desired size and shape of our student body through adopting a more strategic approach to recruitment. This priority links very closely with Priority Two of this plan, which is focused on bringing greater coherence to our curriculum offering. In the implementation phase of this strategy, enrolment planning and curriculum alignment exercises will be carried out simultaneously. A new approach to enrolment planning will see the newly established Recruitment and Admissions function working in close collaboration with the four Colleges, Adult Continuing Education and the Professional Services, to establish achievable and desirable recruitment targets for a coherent and marketable academic portfolio.


Review and further develop a student enrolment plan in close collaboration with academic units.

This Action aims to establish an enrolment plan to contribute to the achievement of the desired shape and size of the university’s student body. A Data Hub has been established and will serve as the enrolment planning tool. Analysis of enrolment headcounts and projections has taken place and meetings with the Colleges to establish the next iteration of enrolment projections are ongoing. In April a further update was made to the Data Hub ‘Student Headcount Five Year Trend’ dashboard to include the March 1st programme headcounts for 2019/20.


Develop a recruitment strategy that is in line with the student enrolment plan.

This Action will lead to the adoption of a more strategic approach to recruitment and setting out of clear recruitment targets. A workshop for all Recruitment personnel took place in February 2019 which resulted in a range of recommendations that are currently being explored. This has already resulted in great synergies in student recruitment efforts. A follow-up workshop was convened in July 2019, where the recruitment committee members explored the functionality of the new Data Hub. The student recruitment function has been restructured with a view to synergising efforts for undergraduate and postgraduate student recruitment activities. A new recruitment strategy is being developed. Significant revisions to the recruitment strategy were required due to Covid-19 impacts. Evolving this strategy, and activities therein, is the current priority.


Increase capacity for student recruitment in areas of strategic importance.

This Action aims to identify recruitment targets in significant and potential growth areas, in line with enrolment plan. The Offices with responsibility for student recruitment are currently undertaking a review of strategy and operations. Preparations are underway to enable the new Head of Student Recruitment to evolve and finalise the strategy.


Carry out a review of admissions policies and entry requirements for all student cohorts.

This action aims to identify any necessary revisions to admissions policies and entry requirements and bring to Academic Board for approval. A review of the factors on which admissions decisions for postgraduate programmes are made is underway. The first part of the review included identifying a standardised list of factors from the current Entry Requirements and Supplementary questions for postgraduate programmes. These factors are being listed against each programme and provided to Colleges to facilitate a review of their programme entry requirements and supplementary questions. The first set of recommendations were brought to Academic Board on 23rd October 2019 and were approved.


Undertake a strategic review of internationalisation and implement its recommendations as appropriate.

A paper to be compiled with recommendations. Recommendations to be brought to UMT and approved recommendations to be implemented. A review of Internationalisation was completed in Q4 2018. Recommendations arising were approved by UMT for implementation.


Review and consolidate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policies.

This Action aims to consolidate the Recognition of Prior Learning Policy at UCC. A review of Recognition of Prior Learning Policies has taken place. Existing policies have been consolidated into one document. Some gaps in the policy have been identified. It has been agreed that these will be addressed after the review of entry requirements exercise has been carried out. Colleges are encouraged to consider their current RPL quotas and where there may be room to include more.


Lead Sponsors: Dr. Ruth Ramsay, Dean of Graduate Studies & Prof Stephen Byrne, Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Administrative Lead: Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Team Members:

  • Deputy President and Registrar
  • Director of Recruitment and Admissions
  • Admissions Officer
  • Admissions Support Officer
  • Chair of AC ASDC
  • Business Development and Finance Manager, Office of the Deputy President and Registrar
  • Graduate Studies Office
  • International Office
  • Recruitment Personnel
  • Senior Programme Coordinator, ACE

Deputy President & Registrar

First Floor, West Wing, Main Quadrangle, UCC, T12 YN60