Pre-Masters & Pre-PhD Pathway

Pre-Masters & Pre-PhD Pathway

UCC is pleased to announce its revised Pre-Masters & Pre-PhD Pathway which will allow students whose first language is not English the opportunity to develop English Language proficiency, whilst at the same time taking modules from those offered across the University in their chosen discipline. It will also allow students to adapt to a new educational and cultural environment and to integrate into life at University College Cork (UCC).

The course is intended for students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies at UCC.  It is aimed at those who meet the academic requirements of their chosen Master’s degree or PhD programme but who require additional support in English language skills, and/or have not yet met the UCC requirements in English Language.  Applications from our partner institutions are particularly welcome. 

To download the brochure, please clickPre-Masters & Pre-PhD Pathway Brochure 2018-2019 V5.

Entry Requirements:

Please see UCC’s offerings of taught postgraduate programmes at: which include specific academic entry requirements for your chosen postgraduate programme.


There are two possible starting dates: September 2018 for Version 1, or January 2019 for Version 2. Students with an IELTS of at least 5.5, and no less than 5.0 in any section (or equivalent recognised English test for entry to UCC programmes), and who meet the academic requirements (that is, have a conditional offer letter) for their chosen postgraduate programme, may be offered a place on the Version 1 (2-semester) Pre-Masters & Pre-PhD Pathway, starting in September 2018.  Those with an IELTS of 6.0, and no less than 5.5 in any section, and who have a conditional offer letter, may be offered a place on the Version 2 Pathway starting in January 2019



September 2018 to June 2019 for Version 1 (or January 2019 to June 2019 for Version 2)

Cost: €10,000 (Version 1) or €5,000 (Version 2)



Version 1 is taken on a full-time basis over one academic year and comprises 60 credits.  It combines English Language modules with academic modules from the University’s Level 8 undergraduate degree programmes, chosen in consultation with the relevant head of the academic unit and the Head of the Graduate School in the relevant College.  The English Language modules will cover academic writing, reading, listening and speaking skills; grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation development; and preparation for IELTS examination. 


Semester 1 (September – December 2018)

LC3001 English for Academic Purposes 1 (15 credits)

LC2004 English Academic Writing Skills 1 (5 credits)

and 10 credits to be chosen from modules available to Level 8 Undergraduate Degree Programme students.


Semester 2 (January – June 2019)

LC3002 English for Academic Purposes 2 (15 credits)

LC2005 English Academic Writing Skills 2 (5 credits)

LC1006 Advanced English Grammar (5 credits)

and 5 credits to be chosen from modules available to Level 8 Undergraduate Degree Programme students.

Version 2 is a full-time programme of 30 credits and consists of the content in Semester 2 shown above.



Students who achieve 700/900 marks in the English language modules in the Version 1 option, or 385/500 marks in the Version 2 option, will be exempt from the requirement to re-sit the IELTS examination, for progression purposes. Students failing to reach these marks must achieve 6.5 in the IELTS examination (with a minimum of 6.0 in each band). All students who need to take an exit IELTS examination for visa purposes must do so.


How to Apply:

For details on how to apply for this pathway, please click here to download the application form.

Before you complete this from, you should have a conditional offer letter for a postgraduate programme at UCC.

Please return this completed form, together with copy of passport, by the 13th of July 2018 to the: 

Language Centre, G 36, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland


Please mark the envelope/message as 'Pre-Masters and Pre-PhD  Pathway'


Please check the following link for the  Payment Details

Please notify the Language Centre when the bank transfer has been made. You can scan a copy of the transfer receipt and send it to Please reference the email with Pre-Masters and Pre-PhD Pathway on the subject line.

We are happy to also process credit/debit card payments but card details cannot be sent by email, so payment with card would either have to be made in person or card details given over the phone (‘customer not present’).  



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