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Language and Methodology Teacher Development Courses 2024

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 Two new courses for 2024

  1. 1. Harnessing the power of AI and new technologies to supercharge your language teaching

From Monday 29 July to Friday 09 August

Thi s is a two-week teacher development course focussing on the latest innovations and trends in technology with a particular focus on how AI can supercharge teaching and learning in your context. Over the two weeks of the course, you will work towards creating an understanding of how technology can empower both you as a teacher and also your learners. We will discover how aspects of learning and teaching such as assessment are changing and how viewing and understanding our roles as teachers are also in the process of change. This is a solution-based approach to the new emerging landscape of how we learn and teach. You will leave the course enthusiastic about your role in how to maximise your learners' opportunities to progress and meet learning goals on an accelerated path harnessing the power of new technologies. 

The course will be delivered Monday to Friday, with classes each day from 9 am - 1 pm. A social programme is also offered. 
To apply for this course please fill out the Harnessing the power of AI and new technologies to supercharge your language teaching application form
  1. 2. Language and Methodology Development

From Monday 12 August to Friday 23 August 2024

This course provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the latest innovations in English language teaching and in the use of English as a Medium of Instruction (E.M.I).   

It culminates with a mini-conference scenario where participants and tutors engage in panel discussions, presentations based on their learning experience on the course and how it has informed and impacted their ongoing professional development. Participants can also present lesson types they will deliver in the future which have been informed by the input of the course.

There are interactive input sessions where you can share your own teaching experience with fellow practitioners from around the world.  You will gain creative, practical and easy-to-implement ideas for your teaching from tutors with long and varied experience in English language teaching.  

Observations of real-time lessons in our Centre are offered and participants are assigned observation and reflection tasks. The course will re-energise you in your teaching. You will return equipped with fresh ideas and many ready-to-use materials to enhance your pedagogical skills enabling you to engage more effectively with your learners. 

This course will cover:

    • Methodology and latest ELT developments; 
    • Developing material evaluation and creative skills; 
    • Integrating emerging technology into the new classroom with a focus on the latest AI innovations; 
    • Developing effective language skills and language system lessons; 
    • Developing skills to integrate pronunciation improvement effectively into your teaching contexts; 
    • Developing skills for different teaching contexts and environments; 
    • Empowering learner autonomy; 
    • Building skills and confidence to present to peers.

To apply for this course please fill out the Language and Methodology Development course application form


 Course Dates:  


Time   Price*

Minimum Level Required


Harnessing the power of AI and new technologies to supercharge your language teaching

Monday 29 July to Friday 09 August

9 am -

1 pm




Language and Methodology Development

Monday 12 August to Friday 23 August 2024

9 am -

1 pm

€995 B2 yes 

 * Discounts will be applied to applications received from past participants, our universities/school partners, and to group bookings received from sending institutions for 3 or more participants for a course.

Information brochure and downloadable application form



Two types are available: Self-catering apartments or Host families:

1. Campus Accommodation. See:

Summer Beds

 2. Host Family Accommodation 

Staying with a local family. It includes Bed & Breakfast and an evening meal.  Transfers to and from Cork Airport or Cork City Centre may also be possible but are not guaranteed by all families.  Students should be prepared to pay some taxi costs.

  • €240 per week + €40 per extra night

(We assume Sunday arrival and Saturday departure for all accommodations booked.

For course-specific enquiries, please contact b.ose@ucc.ie or TandD@ucc.ie 

For general enquiries or when submitting your application form, please contact TandD@ucc.ie 



Participants should have an upper-intermediate standard of English.  B2 on the Common European Framework.

A Social Programme is offered: Each Wednesday afternoon there is an excursion to a local place of interest and each Thursday evening there is a fun social activity













09:00– 10:45

Introduction to course


Course Admin

Discussion and overview of learning and teaching contexts


Learning Preferences

How developing Learner Autonomy can extend learning beyond the classroom


Classroom Management

Dealing with mixed abilities & learning styles,

Teacher & Learner roles.

Teaching in different contexts


Language Analysis 2 - Vocabulary 1:

What it means to know a word: How to make vocabulary learning engaging, personalised and effective


Materials Development 2: Gamification to enhance and consolidate learning



10:45– 11:15

                              B    R    E    A    K

11:15– 13:00

Language Analysis 1 - Grammar: Grammar Workshop



Materials Development 1:

Integrating Technology into the classroom: Teaching and learning in a hybrid world



Overview of English Sound System: Phonological features to improve teachers’ delivery and students’ reception


Language Skills 1: Listening:

Strategies and techniques to improve your learners’ listening skills 

Language Analysis 3:

Student-centred approaches to engaging grammar lessons





                             L    U    N    C    H


Free Afternoon


Social activity


UCC Campus Tour

Free Afternoon


Assignment 1:

Reflection on own strengths and weaknesses and creating an Action Plan.

Preparation time for Action Plan



Evening Social Activity




WEEK 2  












09:00– 10:45

Language Skills 2:

Reading: Strategies and techniques to improve your learners’ reading skills


Lesson observation of experienced teachers in our Centre


Language Skills 4 - Writing:

Strategies and techniques to improve your learners’ writing skills


Language Analysis 4 - Vocabulary 2

Presentation, production, activation and teacher-feedback techniques

Panel discussions & Presentations




10:45– 11:15


                               B    R    E    A    K

11:15– 13:00

Language Skills 3: Speaking

Strategies and techniques to improve your learners’ speaking skills

Reflection of observation with

assigned tasks



Materials Development 3:

Using authentic materials and evaluating commercial materials


Approaches to teaching:

Task-based learning;


Present-practice- produce;

Lexical approach;

Latest innovations in language teaching


Panel discussions & Presentations


Course evaluation and discussion



                               L    U    N    C    H

14:00– 16:00

Free Afternoon

Free Afternoon

Social activity



Free Afternoon


Assignment 2:

Preparation for final day panel discussions, presentations & essays

Preparation time for panel discussions, presentations & essays


Evening Social Activity

Submission of essays


Prior to the course, you are invited to complete a Needs Analysis which will help the Centre to meet the particular needs of the participants.

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