UCC Agent Listing


University College Cork (UCC) maintains a panel of agencies. Agencies are appointed to a UCC approval panel following an onboarding process and a UCC approved contracting process. 

Partnerships with Agencies are based on agent territory, agent profile and strategic objective of the university.

  Agent Territory Website Email
1 AECC India www.aeccglobal.com bindu.mary@aeccglobal.com
2 AFA Consultancy Ltd Middle East www.afa.ie info@afa.ie
3 Aliff Overseas India www.aliff.in applications@aliff.in
4 Apply Board Global www.applyboard.com help@applyboard.com
5 Amber Education Hong Kong www.amberedu.com.hk intl@amberedu.com.hk
6 Ambright China www.ambrightgroup.com shifangren@ambrightgroup.com
7 Asia World Education (AWE) India www.planmystudy.com awecontact@gmail.com
8 Astolinks Limited Africa www.astolinks.net info@astolinks.net
9 Atlantic Bridge Global www.atlanticbridge.com admissions@atlanticbridge.com
10 AUFINE International China www.aufine.org rebecca@aufine.org
11 Adventus Education Global www.Adventus.io chrisprice@adventus.io
12 Butterfly Exchange Global www.butterfly-exchange.com claudia.hanley@butterfly-exchange.com
13 Chongqing Moregood Education China www.mogujiaoyu.com zhaoqing@mogujiaoyu.com
14 Craydel Inc Global www.craydel.com admissions@craydel.com
15 DIFC Global www.difc.ie info@difc.ie
16 Education Matters India www.edmat.org chennai@edmat.org
17 Education State Global www.educationstste.ie info@educationstate.ie
18 Education Tower (BEO) Japan www.educationtower.com partnerships@educationtower.com
19 Educo Accelerate Global www.educoaccelerate.com info@educoaccelerate.com
20 Edvoy Educational Ltd Global www.edvoy.com contact@edvoy.com
21 Edwise International India www.edwiseinternational.com ho@edwiseinternational.com
22 Efigie Projectos Educacionais Brazil www.efigie.com.br internacional@efigie.com.br
23 Envision Overseas Education Consultants LLP India www.envisionoverseas.in pritis@envisionoverseas.in
24 Estudios Profesionales en Ingles (EPI) Latin America www.estudiosprofesionaleseningls.com alejandrogonzalez@estudiosprofesionaleseningles.com
25 Experimento Intercambio Cultural Brazil www.experimento.com.br ltodesco@experimento.com.br
26 GPS (T/A Global Possibility Studies) Panama www.gpstudies.com priscianis@gpstudies.com
27 Extudia South America www.extudia.com adriana@extudia.com
28 Fateh Education India www.fateheducation.com delhi@fateheducation.com
29 GDL Travel (Estudia en Irlanda) Mexico www.gdltravel.com
30 Global Education Alliance Ltd (GEA) China www.geaworld.org uscan@geaworld.org
31 Global Edge India www.globaledge.net.in office@globaledge.net.in
32 Global Opportunities India www.global-opportunities.net info@global-opportunities.net
33 Global Study Partners Global www.globalstudypartners.com admissions@globalstudypartners.com
34 Go Ireland India www.goireland.in bharathi@goireland.in
35 Golden Arrow (ukpass) China www.ukpass.org jay.li@ukpass.org
36 Golden Education China www.liuxue.gaodun.com wangnan@gaodun.com
37 Gold Tassel Brazil www.goldtassel.com.br info@goldtassel.com.br
38 Hepta Contino India www.heptacontino.com info@heptacontino.com
39 HTI formerly IAE China China www.huatong.org.cn iaeeu@iaechina.net.cn
40 ICAS Nigeria Nigeria www.icas.com.ng Sales.info@icas.com.ng
41 Idiomas Travel Latin America www.idiomastravel.com michelle@idiomastravel.com
42 i-bay Education China www.ibay-group.com bei.zhang@ibay-group.com
43 IDP Global Global www.idp.com info.sydney@idp.com
44 Information Planet Latin America www.informationplanet.com admissions.mexico@informationplanet.com.mx
45 Intelligent Partners Middle East www.intelligentpartners.com info@intelligentpartners.com
46 International Group for Education Consultancy Middle East www.igecglobal.com igecglobal@igec.com.au
47 Intake Education (UKEAS) Global www.intake.education newdelhi@intake.education
48 IPC / UniDirection Middle East www.unidirection.com dubai@unidirection.com
49 Irish Education Service Center (IESC) China www.irelandeducation.cn app@bnci.com.cn
50 Irish International Education Center (IIEC) Hong Kong www.iiec.com.hk/en/home info@iiec.com.hk
51 ISC Education Global Vietnam www.isc.education vantho@isc.education
52 Istudy Abroad India PVT Ltd. India www.istudyabroad.co.in gagan.saini@istudyabroad.com
53 Jestone Education Nigeria www.jestoneedu.com j.okenwa@jestoneedu.com
54 Just Right Educational Consultancy India www.justrightconsultancy.com jaisonjoseph@justrightconsultancy.com
55 Jyu-Lin (GLC) Taiwan www.studysofun.com johnny.huang@glcstudy.com
56 KOM Consultants Canada www.komconsultants.com info@komconsultants.com
57 Krishna Consultants (KC Overseas) India www.studies-overseas.com info@studies-overseas.com
58 LAE Latin America www.lae-edu.com lisette.cardona@lae-edu.com
59 Linkpro Consult Nigeria www.linkproconsult.com joseph.ogun@linkproconsult.com
60 Mabecs Global Global www.mabecsglobal.com devina@mabecsglobal.com
61 Mericler Canada www.mericler.net rami.hijazi@mericler.net
62 Michael Educational Consults Ltd Africa www.michaelconsults.com contact@michaelconsults.com
63 MyStudy Education Malaysia www.mystudy.my ck@mystudy.my
64 NeGxy Concept Ltd Nigeria www.negxyconcept.com info@negxylimited.com
65 New Channel Future Abroad China www.liuxue.xhd.cn europe@xhd.cn
66 NewStrides India www.newstrides.com info@newstrides.com
67 NM Educação Internacional Brazil www.nmedu.com david@nmedu.com.br
68 Oberoi’s Education Link India www.educationlinkhouse.com apply@educationlinkhouse.com
69 O’Brien Associates Education Consultants Middle East www.obeduc.org info@obeduc.org
70 OUFU / IEOFFER China www.ieoffer.com jun@ieoffer.com
71 Prestige Uhak Korea www.prestigeuhak.com soonjookwon@gmail.com
72 Rainbow Consulting Services Nigeria TBC Rainbowconsulting12@gmail.com
73 QS Student Apply Ltd Global www.topuniversities.com Harry.abbott@qs.com
74 RecruitNet India www.recruitnet.in sen@recruitnet.in
75 Sable International South Africa www.sableinternational.com info@sableinternational.com
76 Salve Maria India www.salvemariagroup.com boby@salvemariagroup.com
77 Santa Monica India www.santamonicaedu.in nicy@santamonicaedu.in
78 Sharz Ltd Africa www.sharzconsults.com hkibuuka@sharzconsults.com
79 Shiksha (Info Edge) India www.shiksha.com Ojaswini.gaba@shiksha.com
80 SmartA Vietnam  www.smart.vn nga.vo@smarta.vn
81 Student Counselling Services Pakistan www.myscs.org Headoffice@myscs.org
82 Student World Latin America www.studentworld.com.mx carlos@studentworld.com.mx
83 Studies Planet Latin America www.studiesplanet.com latam@studiesplanet.com
84 Study Across Globe Nigeria www.studyacrossglobe.com info@studyacrossglobe.com
85 StudyCo Global www.studyco.com study@studyco.com
86 Study International (SIUK) Global www.studyin-uk.com delhi@studyin-uk.com
87 Study Ireland Limited/Success Plan Global www.studyireland.education seamus.mchugh@studyireland.education.com
88 Study Net Global www.edunetstudy.com William@edunetstudy.com
89 TG Marchnata (TGM Education) Nigeria www.tgmeducation.com admin@tgmeducation.com
90 TC Global (The Chopras) India www.tcglobal.com delhi@tcglobal.com
91 The Mentors Circle India www.thementorscircle.com info@thementorscircle.com
92 Trimurti Enterprises Ltd (TM Enterprises) India www.tmenterprises.eu s.shanmugam@tmenterprises.eu
93 UKEC China www.ukec.com manchester@ukec.com
94 Uniserv Ltd Global www.uniserveducation.com rahimkassam@uniserveducation.com
95 VDIEC Global Connect India www.vdiec.com info@vdiec.edu.in
96  Wiseway Global China www.wisewayglobal.com jean@wisewayglobal.com
97 Yazigi Brazil www.yazigitravel.com.br mauraleao@yazititravel.com.br
98 YES Intercambio Brazil www.yesintercambio.com.br bruna@yesintercambio.com.br

New Agent Request

UCC assesses each request based experience in counselling students for Irish universities.  UCC assesses volume of successfully enrolled student into similar universities over the past 3 years.  We seek two references from existing universities represented by the agency.

Please complete the request form below.


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