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Course Fact File
CodeSubject available through multiple programmes.
Subject TitleEnglish
QualificationsBA (Hons)
NFQ LevelLevel 8
FeesStudent Contribution + Capitation: €3,130 See Fees and Costs for full details.

Course Outline

Do you enjoy discussing books, films, song, theatre? By studying English you will develop your knowledge and writing skills, and get more from the books and films you love.

UCC School of English has a strong tradition of creativity and independent thinking. Our students learn, by reading and listening, how to balance different arguments. You will get practice at clear and persuasive writing and at effective discussion in seminar situations. You will join a community of learning where you can develop your ideas and knowledge and shape your skills.

The BA in English introduces you to the subject in its fullest sense. You will study English across the centuries and can cover areas such as creative writing, film, drama and theatre. If you're a keen reader and interested in technology, we can help you hone your digital and literary skills with courses on digital media and through technology-enabled learning.


Year 1 Modules

  • EN1010 Critical Reading and Writing (5 credits)
  • EN1011 Literature in Time (5 credits)
  • EN1012 Literature in Question (5 credits)

Year 2 Modules


Critical Skills Seminar;  Old English Language


Introduction to Renaissance Literature; Modern Drama; Adaptation, Literature and Culture; Romance and Realism; American Literature to 1900; Eighteenth-Century Literature; Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales and Related Texts; Women and Literature; DH2006 Curation and Storytelling in the Digital Age; LL2003 Aspects of the Classical Tradition.

Year 3*/4 Modules:


Critical Skills


The Irish Literary Revival and Irish Modernism; Victorian Literature; Modernism; Romance: Medieval to Renaissance; Contemporary Irish Writing; Studies in Shakespeare; Contemporary Culture; Of Monsters and Men: Old and Early English Literature; Modern and Contemporary American Literature; Romantic Literature

*BA International students spend Year 3 studying in an approved foreign university in a country of the student's major language or subject.  They will return to complete their final year in UCC in Year 4.

Academic Programme Catalogue

See the Academic Programme Catalogue for the complete and up-to-date content for this course. Note that the modules for all courses are subject to change from year-to-year. For complete descriptions of individual modules, see the Book of Modules.

Course Practicalities

Studying English through BA Arts involves lectures and small-group tutorials, in which you will collaborate with your fellow students, discuss texts and coursework, and develop your skills, under the guidance of a Tutor.

During your studies, you may also participate in workshops with staff from the UCC Skills Centre, Boole Library, Careers Office, and visiting writers to the Department.

Professional Work Experience Module

The College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science (CACSSS) offers an optional accredited Professional Work Experience module (PX3001) that enables CACSSS students to explore and develop their career interests. This optional module can be taken in any year of your undergraduate degree.


Written exams will take place before Christmas and in May.  Not all modules will have formal examinations.  Many modules use other types of assessment including a mix of essays and examinations. Individual or group presentations and seminar contributions are also assessed: these are important for developing not only your ideas but also your skills in oral and written expression.

Lecture modules in Years 2 and 3 are assessed via continuous assessment (in the first teaching period) and formal examinations (in the second teaching period). In both years you will also take small-group specialist seminars, where the assessment rewards participation, individual research, oral presentation and written work.

Why Choose This Course

... Best of all I think I turned my true love into a lifelong companion because of the quality of the education I had at UCC.

Julie Kelleher, BA Arts (English)

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The mental discipline and analytical mindset that the course demanded of me have undoubtedly served me in my life and career.

David Corkery, BA Arts (English)

The level of commitment, passion & enthusiasm...by the lecturers...ultimately resulted in an enjoyable & memorable learning experience...

Lorna Quinn, BA Arts (English)

Arts was the best choice for me because it wasn't a cookie-cutter course that pointed me in one direction...

Lynn Harding, BA Arts (English & History)

Lynn is a Senior Content Designer for Fjord at the Dock. Fjord is Accenture’s multi-disciplinary research and incubation hub.

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Studying English in UCC enables you to explore the subject from its beginnings in the language of Old English right up to the contemporary moment. You will gain a deep understanding of how literature both shapes our world and is shaped by cultural, social, and political impetuses across history (such as the climate emergency, #MeToo movement, and international conflicts).   

During your English studies, you will benefit from a range of teaching methods (such as lectures, small-group tutorials, and seminars led by expert scholars) and assessment forms (e.g. written essays, in-class participation, oral presentations). The depth, breadth, and range of English modules in UCC foster a lifelong passion for learning and self-development, as well as skills in communication, critical thinking, and independent research, which are essential in a variety of careers and in postgraduate programmes.   

Ultimately, studying English as part of your Arts degree can be a pleasing and rewarding experience that brings flexibility to your future professional prospects.

Placement or Study Abroad Information

Study Abroad

If you are studying through the BA International, you will spend Year 3 studying at one of our partner universities abroad. We currently have links with universities throughout Europe, USA, Canada, South America and Asia including:

  • University of California
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Konstanz
  • Université Marc Bloch, Strasbourg
  • University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • University of Montana
  • Universita Roma Tre
  • University of Southern Denmark
  • University of Salzburg

Work Placement

If you study through the BA or the BA International, you will have the opportunity to avail of a work placement in Year 2.

Skills and Careers Information

English is a flexible and attractive degree and provides a wide range of transferable skills. The courses you will study impart skills that can help you achieve success in such professions as journalism, teaching, publishing, theatre, public relations, public affairs, arts management, marketing, law and information sciences.

Such skills include:

  • the ability to think independently, and to make an effective argument
  • the capacity to gather, investigate and assess research materials
  • an aptitude for organising material in a logical and coherent way
  • the ability to derive conclusions based on research
  • developing a clear and effective writing style: a key foundation for almost all careers.

A degree in English also supports and sustains a lifelong relationship with books and with literature, and equips you to become a critical thinker, an elegant writer and a creative person.


Refer to CK101 and CK108.

Non-EU Applicants

Non-EU applicants are expected to have educational qualifications of a standard equivalent to the Irish Leaving Certificate. In addition, where such applicants are non-native speakers of the English language they must satisfy the university of their competency in the English language.

To verify if you meet the minimum academic and language requirements visit our qualification comparison page and refer to our International Office page for more information.

Fees and Costs

  • Whether you are an EU or Non-EU student will affect the course fees applicable to you. See more information on EU Fees, Non-EU Fees, or Free Fees Status.
  • The State will pay the tuition fees for EU students who are eligible under the Free Fees Scheme. The annual student contribution and capitation fees are payable by the student.
  • See the Fee Schedule to find out the course fee.
  • Check out scholarships that may be available to you.
  • Explore our Nurturing Bright Futures free online course (Module 5) to learn about managing your money as a student and budgeting for university life.

How To Apply

Refer to CK101 and CK108

Irish and European (EU/EFTA/UK) Applicants

Apply via the CAO. See the CAO Handbook for useful information on applying through the CAO. 

Mature Applicants 

Apply via the CAO by 1 February. To apply for a place as a mature student, you must be 23 years of age on or before 1 January of the year of entry.

QQI/FET Applicants 

Apply via the CAOSee our QQI/FET Applicants page for information on the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Further Education and Training (FET) application process. 

Non-EU Applicants 

If you are from outside the EU/EFTA/UK, apply online via the UCC Apply portal. See our International Office page for more information. 

For queries regarding course content or timetables please contact