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Fourth Year Physics Lab

Computer Suite

The final year students have a comuter suite which they can use as a study and social space throughout the year. This allows students to recieve and provide support to their fellow students. This space is not used as a lab space but all the PCs have specialty software installed on them which students often use for their labs and final year projects. 

217 Lab

Lab Space

When G23 is ready then the space should be described and shown here

Final Year Projects

Our final year students engage in the final year projects where they recieve a research projects which they work on solely. These research projects are different from labs as students work closely with research groups in the Department, they recieve a research title and a supervisor and they work with the research group and supervisor to design the project and research outcomes. Unlike strucutred labs there is no write-up or instructions, each student gets a different project and projects can change from year to year. These prokects allow student to demonstrate the research and experimental skills they have developed over the course of the project and provide them with an oppurtunity to show their trasferrable and problem-solving skills. 

School of Physics

Scoil na Fisice

Room 213 (Physics Office), 2nd floor, Kane Science Building, University College Cork, Ireland.,