Semester and Timetable Information

We look forward to welcoming you all back to campus!

For the academic year 2021-2022, the Department of Physics will use a blended learning approach to support the delivery of its undergraduate programmes. This means your Physics course will be delivered in person as much as possible. In addition, there will be also a recording of the lecture for those who cannot attend lectures due to Covid-related reasons or in some cases due to the allowance of only 80% room capacity in all lecture rooms. Please visit also the Canvas page of the individual modules for additional information.

Information on semesters, important dates, exam periods and campus guidelines are all provided below however, we ask that you note the following: all information is subject to prevailing public health requirements (which may change over the course of the academic year). 

For any queries you may have, see departmental contact information displayed at the end of this webpage. 

2021/22 Academic Year - Semester 1 Timetable

2021/22 Physics Semester 1 Timetable

2021/22 Academic Year - Semester 2 Timetable

2122 Physics Semester 2 Timetable

Important Dates 2021/22

Examination Periods 2021/22

Changes on Campus

A number of changes have occured on campus to allow students and staff to return safely. Click here to get up-to-date information on UCC's response to COVID-19.

The Department of Physics have also been working on creating a safe environment for students to learn. However, for this we will require all students to cooperate with the guidelines put in place. In advance of returning to campus, and before attending any lectures and tutorials all students should become familiar with the guidelines put in place by UCC and the Department of Physics. Information on this can be found on the Covid-19 dedicated SharePoint.

The most important changes that students should become familiar with before entering the Kane building is the one-way system that has been put in place. Please refer to the Kane Movement Plan and identify

  • the entrances and exits you should use to access your lecture hall or labratory. 
  • the stairs you must use to go up and the stairs you must use to go down. (These are seperate stairs). 
  • where the sanitisation stations are. 

Department of Physics

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