Over the past century research has featured prominently in the work of the Department of Archaeology in UCC, driving the creation of knowledge about the human past and informing our teaching programmes. Staff members are actively involved in numerous research projects, both within Ireland and abroad, and also collaborate widely with other universities and institutes. Our strengths are reflected in the four within the department, which cover areas as diverse as physical anthropology and bioarchaeology, architectural heritage, prehistory, early medieval studies and regional archaeology.

We are currently undertaking fieldwork projects and research collaborations in Ireland and abroad. We have a large postgraduate community who are undertaking a range of MPhil and doctoral research topics. The Department has well-equipped facilities to support this research effort, including dedicated project rooms for the research groups, as well as laboratory facilities, GIS and fieldwork equipment.

Most of the funding for departmental research projects is obtained from outside sources, such as the Heritage Council, the Royal Irish Academy, the Higher Education Authority and the European Union. College resources, such as the Faculty Research Fund, are also used. The department has consistently been one of the highest earners of research funding within College.

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