Higher Diploma

A one-year full-time programme for non-Archaeology students

This is a programme of study for individuals who already have a degree, preferably in the area of Arts or Sciences, and who wish to study archaeology intensively over one academic year.

The programme is designed for those who:

• Have an active interest in archaeology and are prepared to undertake a full-time course of study
• Are currently employed in some branch of archaeology and wish to obtain an academic qualification in the subject
• Require a conversion course to apply for postgraduate study such as the one year MA degree course or the MPhil/PhD at UCC. Note, however, that completion of the Higher Diploma course does not guarantee a place on a postgraduate course.

What do you study?

This is a full-time programme over one academic year during which the student will take courses in Archaeology to the equivalent of 60 credits.

The programme is made up of modules from the Second and Third Year programmes in the undergraduate BA degree.

Students are required to take core modules to a value of 15 credits. The remaining 45 credits will be chosen by the student in consultation with the Higher Diploma coordinator, having regard to timetable constraints and suitability of course combinations.  Students with little previous knowledge of archaeology are strongly advised to audit all or part of the First Year archaeology course (AR1001), or other introductory courses in archaeology that may be available.

Closing date for applications is 01 September each year (but best to apply earlier in the summer).

Course Coordinator: Prof. William O'Brien

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  • See the University's Programme Page for information on applying, entry requirements, course practicalities, assessment, etc.
  • Please contact us at 00353 (0)21 4904048 or archaeology@ucc.ie  if you require any further information.

60 credits required. A total of 19 higher-level archaeology modules on offer to Higher Diploma students. With a few exceptions, all archaeology Modules are run in 6-week blocks over two 12-week Semesters (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b).

The course programme may be subject to change at the department’s discretion.

Core Modules (20 credits)

Semester 1b

  • AR2016  The Development of Archaeological Thought (5 credits)

Semester 2a

  • AR2045  Introduction to Archaeological Fieldwork (10 credits)

Semester 2b

  • AR2045  Introduction to Archaeological Fieldwork (continued)
  • AR3047 Professional Practice in Archaeology (5 credits)
Elective Modules (40 credits required)

Semester 1a

  • AR2033 Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Europe (5 credits)
  • AR2034 The Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland (5 credits)
  • AR3052 Beyond the Celtic Iron Age: Ireland in the First Millennium BC (5 credits)
  • AR3053 Landscape Archaeology (5 credits)
  • AR3055 Transitions in Prehistory: Ireland in the Third Millennium BC

Semester 1b

  • AR2047 The Iron Age in Western and Central Europe (5 credits)
  • AR3037 the Viking World and Ireland (5 credits)
  • AR3039 The Archaeology of the Early Irish Church (5 credits)
  • AR3054 Late Iron Age Ireland and the Roman World (5 credits)

Semester 2a

  • AR2014 Artefact Studies (5 credits)
  • AR2037 Introduction to Environmental Archaeology (5 credits)
  • AR2038 Human Remains for Archaeologists (5 credits)
  • AR3031 Archaeological Ceramics (5 credits)
  • AR3051 Wetland Archaeology and Palaeoenvironments (5 credits)

Semester 2b

  • AR2048 Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology (5 credits)
  • AR3050 Archaeo-palynology (5 credits)
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  • Visit the Second and Third Year BA (General) pages for Module Descriptions and the current Module Schedule.
    Note that course codes beginning in AR2*** refer to Second Year BA (General) courses and those beginning with AR3*** are Third Year BA (General) courses.
  • See UCC's Online Timetable for department/module timetables.
  • See UCC's Book of Modules for further module information.
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