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There is a long association between the various departments and units in what is now the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) and the Departments of Archaeology and Geography, who make-up the School of the Human Environment (SHE). Over the years students at all levels of study from both schools have benefited greatly from this interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. The recently established BA in Geographical and Archaeological Sciences, having a strong biological and earth science focus, provides opportunity to further strengthen these links.

Schedule of Modules

Listed below are modules open to BSc Earth/Environmental Science or BSc Geology students (timetables permitting). These modules form part of the Second and Third Year BA Programme.

Those outlined in bold are particularly suited to Environmental and Earth Science students.

With a few exceptions, all Archaeology Modules are run in 6-week blocks over two 12-week Semesters (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b).

Semester 1a

  • AR2033  Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Europe (5 credits)
  • AR2034  The Archaeology of Early Medieval Ireland (5 credits)
  • AR3052  Beyond the Celtic World: Ireland in the first millennium BC (5 credits)
  • AR3053  Landscape Archaeology (5 credits)
  • AR3055  Transitions in Prehistory: Ireland in the Third Millennium BC

Semester 1b

  • AR2042  The Archaeology of Later-Medieval Ireland (5 credits)
  • AR2047  The Iron Age in Western and Central Europe (5 credits)
  • AR3039  The Archaeology of the Early Irish Church
  • AR3054  Late Iron Age Ireland and the Roman World (5 credits)
  • AR3056  The Archaeology of Post-medieval Ireland (5 credits)

Semester 2a

  • AR2014  Artefact Studies (5 credits)
  • AR2037 Introduction to Environmental Archaeology (5 credits)
  • AR2038  Human Remains for Archaeologists (5 credits)
  • AR3031  Archaeological Ceramics
  • AR3045  The Industrial Archaeology of Ireland, AD1750-1930
  • AR3051 Wetland Archaeology and Palaeoenvironments (5 credits)

Semester 2b

  • AR2044  Heritage management and archaeology (5 credits)
  • AR3040  Health, Diet and Disease in Early Societies (5 credits)
  • AR3050 Archaeo-palynology (5 credits)
Find out more
  • Visit the Second and Third Year BA (General) pages to find out more about these courses. Note that module codes beginning in AR2*** refer to Second Year BA (General) courses and those beginning with AR3*** are Third Year BA (General) courses.
  • See UCC's Online Timetable for department/module timetables.
  • See UCC's Book of Modules for further module information.
  • Should you have any further queries, please contact Dr Ben Gearey ( who is currently the designated advisor for BEES students studying Archaeology.

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