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Location and Facilities


The Department of Archaeology at University College Cork is located just off-campus in the Brother Ignatius Connolly Building, which is approximately a 3 minute walk from the University's main gates in the direction of the city centre.

You can approach from the south along Western Road (the most direct route) or from the north along Dyke Parade. Access from the Western Road is through a pedestrian gate directly across from the entrance to the River Lee Hotel, while access from Dyke Parade is through a gate beside the Granary Theatre (directly across from the Presentation Secondary School).

Note for motorists:
Western Road is a one-way route heading west (away from the city-centre) and Dyke Parade is a one-way route heading east (toward the city-centre). There is no dedicated guest parking at the Connolly Building, but motorists can avail of guest parking facilities on the main university campus (UCC visitor parking), or on-street parking on Western Road or Dyke Parade (2-hour parking disc/app payment required).

Note for deliveries:
Deliveries can be made to the Department's Main Office on the first floor. If this office is closed, the security kiosk in the foyer or any member of staff in offices in the building would be happy to accept deliveries. Vehicle access to the courtyard can be arranged for deliveries by using the intercom system located at the gate.

Postal Address:
Dept. of Archaeology,
Connolly Building,
Dyke Parade,
University College Cork,
Cork City,

Eircode: T12 CY82

Our Building

The Connolly Building is located in a complex of University buildings centred on a courtyard. Also in this complex is a large computer lab, a number of lecture rooms, the Granary Theatre, Drama and Theatre Studies and the Programme in Planning and Sustainable Development.

From within the Connolly courtyard, the Connolly Building can be accessed through the double doors under the large porch. On entering the foyer, you will see the door leading to the department at the opposite corner.


Ground Floor:
The Ó Ríordáin Seminar Room (Tutorial Room)
Dr Griffin Murray
Mr John Sheehan

First Floor:
Main Archaeology Office (follow the red signs from the foyer)
Professor William O'Brien
Prehistory Research Room

Second Floor:
Dr Ben Gearey
Dr Barra Ó Donnabháin
Dr Katharina Becker
Mr Nick Hogan

Third (top) Floor:
Dr Colin Rynne
Dr Tomás Ó Carragáin
Ms Denise Sheehan
Research Fellow/Post-doctoral offices

Opening Hours

The Connolly Building is currently open from 8am to 6pm during term. Out of term hours can vary, but are normally 8am to 6pm also.


Open-access toilets are located across the courtyard from the Connolly Building entrance (beside the back entrance to the Granary Theatre).

Assignment Submission Box

The submission box for Continuous Assessment (CA) work is located in the ground floor hallway.

Human Remains Lab

The Human Remains lab is located on the first floor at the opposite end of the Connolly Building to the main department. On entering the foyer, cross directly to the double doors facing you and proceed up the wide staircase. Climb three flights of stairs and continue through the double doors and straight to the end of the corridor (you will pass Lecture Rooms J5 and J7). This room has restricted access.

The O'Kelly Environmental and Excavation Labs

These labs are located on the ground floor at the opposite end of the Connolly Building to the main department. On entering the foyer cross directly to the right-most double doors and proceed straight to the end of the corridor (you will pass J1 Lecture Room). This room has restricted access.


The Department of Archaeology has a range of teaching and research facilities in the Connolly Building. In addition to staff offices and stores, these include:

  • Human Remains Laboratory
  • Excavation Laboratory
  • Environmental Archaeology Laboratory
  • Ceramics Laboratory
  • Computer/GIS Room
  • Prehistory Research Room
  • Early Medieval and Viking Research Room
  • Ceramics Research Room
  • Built Heritage Research Room


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UCC Campus Map

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Connolly Building, Dyke Parade, University College Cork, Cork City, T12 CY82, Ireland