Song Yong Fan


Song Yong Fan

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B.Eng in Materials Science and Engineering, XiAn University of Architecture and Technology, 1982, China PhD in Civil Engineering, specified in Polymer Modified Cementitious Composite




I have been working with UCC since 2003 and worked as senior technologist (1999-2003) for Lafarge Technical Centers (R&D arm of Lafarge Group- a multinational giant in industrial & engineering material) before I joined UCC.

Over 20 years career experience, my research areas cover from high temperature refractories, conventional concretes, new carbon-negative construction materials, environmental materials (for example, application of flyash-based molecular sieve materials,biomass or graphene oxide- based absorbents in removal of hazardous ammonia and heavy metal ions in water), also to energy-saving materials such as thermo-voltaic materials and infrred reflectiveing coating for saving energy in air-conditioning/central heating in building, and thermo-voltaic materials.

Currently I am director of Materials Laboratory in Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Professional Activity

MIM Member of Institue of Materials, UK;
MCCE Member of Chinese Civil Engineers Society (Concrete and Pre-stressed Concrete Branch)
Senior member,Irish Concrete Society

Member of Oversea Advisory Experts Panel of China Association for Science and Technology;
Assessor for National University of Ireland Travelling Studentship Scheme;
External Examiner, Chemical & Materials School, Guizhou University, China
Guest Professor, Materials Science & Engineering Department, Sichuan College of Architecture and Technology



1) New “CO2-negative” concrete based on 100% industrial wastes with 120MPa strength
2) Effect of graphene on concrete strength
3) Infra-red heat reflective coating for saving air conditioning/central heating energy.
4) A novel thermo-voltaic material: a giant Seebeck effect, 100 times higher than the reported worldwide
5) Superabsorbent to remove hazardous ammonia/heavy metal ions in water.
6) Novel application of flyash molecular sieve materials in soil
7) Geopolymerisation of municipal waste incinerator ash to immobilise dioxins within
8) Large-scale structural concrete battery

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