Cleaner Production Promotion Unit - CPPU

Established in 1991, the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit (CPPU) is a research and outreach centre of the School of Engineering, University College Cork.  CPPU conducts research and provides advice, education and training to promote sustainable production and encourage sustainable consumption. The centre carries out this work through three pillars of activity: research; education & training; and commissions from both the private & public sectors.

Currently our principal areas of research are:

  • Sustainable Production e.g. systems analysis; life cycle assessment and material flows analysis; mapping value chains, optimisation of systems.

  • Sustainability of the Built Environment e.g. life cycle assessment; whole life carbon emissions; decision support for energy retrofit; novel business models.

  • Governance for Sustainability e.g. theory-based policy analysis; policy instruments; governance for innovation.

  • Sustainable Communities e.g. stakeholder engagement; embodied values of products and services; sustainable food production; sustainable destinations

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Contact: Niall Dunphy or Theresa Carthy

Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre - Beaufort Research

The Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre provides a centre of excellence for research and development in the maritime engineering sector in Ireland

The Centre is a semi-autonomous unit within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University College Cork.

Since its establishment in 1979, the HMRC has undertaken a variety of fundamental and applied research projects together with design contracts in a number of areas including : 

  • Physical Modelling of Coastal Structures

  • Tank testing for Offshore Structures

  • Development of Computer Software

  • Coastal Morphodynamics

  • Field Measurements

  • Desk Studies

Funding for this work is derived from the Commission of European Communities, Commercial Companies, Government Agencies and other Interest Groups.

In 2014 the Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre merged with the Coastal & Maritime Research Centre to form Beaufort Research, a world-leading research centre based at UCC and which will be housed in a state-of-the-art new harbourside facility featuring new wave test tanks. The Beaufort Laboratory opens in July 2015.

Centre for Hydrology, Micrometeorology and Climate Change

The Centre for Hydrology, Micrometeorology and Climate Change at University College Cork, Ireland is engaged in research in catchment hydrology and hydrochemistry, land-atmosphere interaction, greenhouse gas fluxes and climate change. Hydromet is multidisciplinary with researchers from backgrounds in environmental science, engineering, physics, geography, ecology and applied mathematics.

Currently, our main areas of research are: 

  • Monitoring and Modelling Greenhouse Gas fluxes (CO2, CH4 & N2O) in peat and grasslands

  • Flood forecasting flood warning and flood alleviation research

  • Monitoring phosphorus and nitrates in a set of nested catchments and identifying the mechanisms of phosphorus migration

  • Developing and improving technologies to aid existing experimental techniques and set-ups in the areas of hydrology and meteorology

The centre has a long record of consulting, including flood studies and other hydro-micrometeorology related problems. The centres funding comes from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), HEA (Higher Education Authority).  OPW (Office of Public Works) and local authorities in Ireland. European funding programs include Carboeurope and Nitroeurope

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Contact:  Prof. Gerard Kiely

Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering (IRUSE)

The Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering aims to research and develop integrated knowledge and information frameworks for sustainable engineering design. IRUSE will initially focus on the design and construction of buildings both green field and refurbishment projects.

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Contacts:  Dr. Marcus Keane, Dr. Denis Kelliher

IT in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (Bauinformatik)

The chair of IT in AEC provides expertise in the areas of Collaborative Work, Wireless Technologies (such as RFID and mobile computing), Facilities Management and n-dimensional Information Management to industry partners and students.

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Contact:  Prof. Karsten Menzel

SERG (Sustainable Energy Research Group)

SERG builds on over 25 years of sustainable energy research within the School of Engineering in UCC. The principal research areas are:

  • bioenergy research,

  • energy policy and modelling,

  • wind energy

  • energy efficiency.

SERG's research has been widely published in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings and project reports. The expertise within the Group is recognised at national level and SERG staff continue to be called on to provide key input to a number of energy policy initiatives such as the Climate Change and Energy Security Technical Analysis Steering Group, the Ministerial Renewable Energy Strategy Group, and the Technology Foresight Energy Panel.

External Strategic advice to Sustainable Energy Ireland was provided in establishing its Renewable Energy Information Office and is currently being provided to its Energy Policy Statistical Support Unit and Energy Modelling Group. SERG members also represent Ireland on International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement Committees for biofuels and energy systems modelling and EU DGTREN’s Energy Economic Analysts Group.


Dr J Murphy


Energy Policy & Modelling

Dr B Ó Gallachóir


Energy Efficiency

Dr D O’Sullivan


Wind Energy

Dr E McKeogh

Dr. Paul Leahy

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In 2014, SERG merged with the Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre and the Coastal & Maritime Research Centre to form Beaufort Research, a world-leading maritime & energy research centre. Beaufort Research will be housed in new purpose-built harbourside facility due to open in July 2015.

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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