MaREI Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine

The MaREI centre for energy, climate and marine is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and is coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork. The centre includes for 200 researchers, 50 industries and 12 third level institutes. Engineering research at UCC includes for:

Bioenergy Research

Marine Renewable Energy Technologies

Wind Energy Research Group

Intelligent Efficiency Research Group 

Materials & Structures 

Energy Policy and Modelling Group

Cleaner Production Promotion Unit - CPPU

Established in 1991, the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit (CPPU) is a research and outreach centre of the School of Engineering, University College Cork.  CPPU conducts research and provides advice, education and training to promote sustainable production and encourage sustainable consumption. The centre carries out this work through three pillars of activity: research; education & training; and commissions from both the private & public sectors.

Currently our principal areas of research are:

  • Sustainable Production e.g. systems analysis; life cycle assessment and material flows analysis; mapping value chains, optimisation of systems.

  • Sustainability of the Built Environment e.g. life cycle assessment; whole life carbon emissions; decision support for energy retrofit; novel business models.

  • Governance for Sustainability e.g. theory-based policy analysis; policy instruments; governance for innovation.

  • Sustainable Communities e.g. stakeholder engagement; embodied values of products and services; sustainable food production; sustainable destinations

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Contact: Niall Dunphy or Theresa Carthy

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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