Dr Jimmy Murphy


Jimmy Murphy is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering in UCC and Lead Technical Engineer of the Lir National Ocean test Facility  (Lir NOTF) in the SFI MaREI Centre. He has over 25 years’ experience in the area of engineering in the marine environment and particularly tank testing, hydrodynamic modelling and field studies in both offshore and coastal environments.  Dr. Murphy has responsibility for the Lir NOTF which houses Irelands only infrastructure for small to medium scale laboratory testing of ocean and maritime systems.  It is a world class facility consisting of 4 test tanks, an electrical laboratory as well as mechanical and instrumentation workshops.  

Dr. Murphy has been a leading figure in research in the field of offshore renewable energy in Europe, having coordinated such projects as FP7 LEANWIND and the H2020 MaRINET2, MARINERG-i and TAOIDE.  He received an EI Champion of Research award in 2017 for success EU projects and Lir NOTF, under his management, won the award for Excellence in Marine Infrastructures at the Marine Industry Awards in 2017.

Research Interests

Coastal Engineering

  • Breakwater Design
  • Sediment Transport Processes
  • Coastal Evolution
  • Coastal Flooding and Erosion
  • Coastal Protection for Climate Change

Offshore Renewable energy

  • Wind, wave and tidal technology development
  • Energy Resource assessment
  • Advanced model testing
  • Optimization of Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE)


Selected Publications


  1. Simon Watson, Alberto Morob, Vera Reisb, Charalampos, Stephan Barthd, Gianni Bartoli, Florian Bauer, Elisa Boelman, Dennis Bosse, Antonello Cherubini, Alessandro Croce, Lorenzo Fagiano, Marco Fontana, Adrian Gambier, Konstantinos Gkoumas, Christopher Golightly, Mikel Iribas Latour, Peter Jamieson , John Kaldellis, Andrew Macdonald , Jimmy Murphy , Michael Muskulus , Francesco Petrini, Luca Pigolottie , Flemming Rasmussen , Philippe Schild , Roland Schmehl, Nafsika Stavridou, John Tande , Nigel Taylor , Thomas Telsnig , Ryan Wiser. (2019) Future emerging technologies in the wind power sector: A European perspective. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Oct 18 2019.
  2. Benreguig, P., Kelly, J., Pakrashi, V.  and Murphy, J. (2019) Wave-to-Wire Model Development and Validation for Two OWC Type Wave Energy Converters, October 2019, Energies, doi: 10.3390/en12203977
  3. Barker A., Murphy J., "Machine Learning approach for optimal determination of Wave Parameter Relationships" – IET Renewable Power Generation (IET Renewable Power Generation – “OSES Special Issue”, 2017)
  4. Tomey-bozo, N., Murphy, J., Troch, P., Lewis, T., Thomas, G., 2017. “Modelling of a flap-type wave energy converter farm in a mild-slope equation model for a wake effect assessment.” IET Renew. Power Gener. 1–11. doi:10.1049/iet-rpg.2016.0962
  5. Deirdre O'Donnell, Jimmy Murphy, Cian James Desmond, Vikram Pakrashi. “Tuned Liquid Column Damper based Reduction of Dynamic Responses of Scaled Offshore Platforms in Different Ocean Wave Basins”, May 2017, Journal of Physics, 842(1):012043 · May 2017 DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/842/1/012043 · License: CC BY 3.0
  6. Sheng, W., Li, H,  Murphy, J. (2017) ‘A Method for Energy and Resource Assessment of Waves in Finite Water Depths’ Energies, DOI: 10.3390/en10040460
  7. O'Shea M, Murphy J, (2016) 'The validation of a new GSTA case in a dynamic coastal environment using morphodynamic modelling and bathymetric monitoring' Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, Special Issue - Sediment Transport modelling, March 2016. (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/jmse/special_issues/sediment-transport)
  8. Wright C,  Murphy J & Pakrashi V, (2016) 'Dynamic Effects of Anchor Positional Tolerance on Tension Moored Floating Wind Turbine' Accepted for TORQUE 2016 Conference. For publication in Journal of Physics

Professional Activity

Dr. Murphy is a member of the DG-MARE expert group on marine science and a member of the United Nations panel of experts for both coastal erosion and marine renewable energy. 

Teaching Activity

Dr. Murphy delivers the following modules 

CE4020            Environmental Hydrodynamics

CE4015            Environmental Hydraulics

CE6043            Harbour and Coastal Engineering

Dr. Murphy delivers lectures in the following module 

GG6516           Coastal and Marine Processes



Jimmy Murphy

Contact Details:


Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering


BE Civil Engineering 1987 MEngSc (Offshore Engineering) 1989 PhD Engineering 1994

Work Area:

Coastal Engineering and Offshore Renewable Energy

Research Area:

Coastal Engineering and Offshore Renewable Energy



Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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University College Cork, Cork