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A Unique Multidisciplinary Design Environment

The UCC Civil and Environmental Engineering course is unique in its use and practice of design office and project based designs. We have a range of student design offices including some that are computer based where students work in groups to complete design tasks, such as parts or complete  buildings, bridges, water works etc. These design studios are esentially the base from which the Civil Engineering students do most of their work.  It is unique in the University in that students essentially have their own group offices where they are able to work in small teams, benefiting from the learning experience with their peers and teachers.

This project work is supervised by several of the academic staff but more importantly by several very experienced practicing engineers from engineering consulting offices in the Cork region.  The use of practicing engineers in the teaching of engineering students in unique to Civil Engineering in UCC and is not the practice elsewhere in Ireland. Our students  also benefit in a unique way by our association and exposure to the Architectural School in UCC. This adds a very special dimension to this professional engineering course, enabling our students to work in a somewhat multidisciplinary environment, preparing them for the real world where engineering and architectural engineering projects are mainly multidisciplinary. 

Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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