Prof. Jerry D Murphy


 Professor Jerry D. Murphy is a world-leading gaseous and algal biofuels researcher. Since 2004, he has published 99 peer review papers (24 in 2016) in high-impact journals, including: Bioresource Technology (4.917); Biotechnology Advances (9.848); Trends in Biotechnology (12.065). His h-Index (34) places him in the top 5 internationally-cited scholars (biogas research- Google Scholar), building on the American Chemical Society selection of his paper in sustainability of biofuels for a virtual issue highlighting the best work on biofuels in 2009 and 2010 ( Due to his world-leading scholarship in bioenergy and algal biofuels, the International Energy Agency (IEA) commissioned Professor Murphy to co-author four Reports: Energy from Crop Digestion (2011); A perspective on the role of biogas in Smart Energy Grids (2014); A perspective on algal biogas (2015); and the 2016 State of Technology Review – Algae Bioenergy.

Professor Murphy is the SFI-funded MaREI Centre Director, expanding on its initial success to ever-increasing development of global leadership across the Marine and Renewable Energy space. MaREI has 150 researchers, has secured €6M in industrial funding and €11M from twelve H2020 projects, since 2013. Professor Murphy has supervised 15 postgraduate students and currently has a team of 12 bioenergy researchers.  He has a strong history of working with industry,securing €400K industry cash (MaREI), co-authoring 6 peer review journal papers with industry, and the Bord Gais Report “The Future of Renewable Gas.” Industries have funded 4 of his PhD students.

Professor Murphy initiated UCC’s collaboration with Zhejiang University (ranked in the top three Universities, China) and Chongqing University. To date, there has been an exchange of 4 researchers and twelve peer review journal papers published.

Professor Murphy is Ireland’s IEA Bioenergy representative (2007- ). He was elected by his international peers as Task Leader of Energy from Biogas, a significant honour for Ireland. This task has 14 member countries and hosts two conference/symposia, annually. Locally, Professor Murphy, as Director of Energy Engineering, obtained accreditation for the first Energy Engineering Degree in Ireland.

Professor Murphy provides outreach to a range of audiences through numerous media, including: IEA Energy from Biogas website ( 3,255 views/month (average, first 6 months, 2016). He delivered two IEA international webinars (2016 - later webinar audience, 468). He was commissioned (IEA) to co-edit The Biogas Handbook which sold 564 hard copies (first 6 months, 2016). To disseminate the work of MaREI, he organized two symposia: The Lewis Symposium (February, 2016) and The MaREI Symposium (NUIG: May, 2016) with 35 researchers presenting.

Professor Murphy has given numerous plenary lectures at international conferences, including: IEA Bioenergy, Berlin (2015); International Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization Summit, Shanghai (2015); and World Renewable Energy Conference, London (2014). He was awarded the Engineers Ireland Excellence Award 2015 for best paper/presentation.


See Prof. Murphy's IRIS profile for full details of publications.

Teaching Activity

Prof Murphy delivers the following modules:

CE4011/NE3904 Transportation and Energy
CE4012 Traffic and Highways
NE4005/NE6004 Biomass Energy

He supervises final year projects for the Civil Engineering Degree (CE4002) for the Energy Engineering Degree (NE4020) and for the Masters in Sustainable Energy (NE6009)



Jerry D Murphy

Contact Details:


Professor of Bioenergy and Biofuels


BE Civil Engineering 1989 MEngSC (Environmental Engineering) 1992. Thesis PhD Engineering 2003. Thesis: "The benefits of integrated treatment of waste for the production of energy" Chartered Engineer & Member of Engineers Ireland (1993)

Research Area:

Gaseous & Algal Biofuels



Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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University College Cork, Cork