Prof. Jerry D Murphy


Professor Jerry Murphy is Professor of Civil Engineering, the 12th person to hold the post since 1849. He was awarded the Engineers Ireland Excellence Award (2015) for best paper/presentation, The Marine Industry Award for Excellence in Marine Research (2017), an adjunct professorship in University of Southern Queensland (2018), a fellowship of the Irish Academy of Engineers in 2019

He is Director of the SFI-funded MaREI Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine, which includes for 200 researchers, 50 industry partners and 12 third level institutes. He is a leading authority on advanced fuels and the circular economy with more than 140 peer review journal papers (h-Index of 50). He has supervised 31 postgraduates and currently has a team of 15 researchers.  

Professor Murphy leads the Biogas Task of the International Energy Agency Bioenergy and has authored/edited numerous IEA Bioenergy reports and provided expert evidence to the IEA and the European Commission. 


Research Interests

Advanced fuels and the circular economy including for:

  • Renewable gaseous fuel (biogas, biomethane, biohydrogen)
  • Algal biofuels (biomethane and biohydrogen from macro- and micro-algae)
  • Power to Gas (renewable gaseous fuel from non-biological origins)
  • Life cycle analysis of bioenergy systems
  • Energy in transport


Selected Publications

  1. Bose, A., Lin, R., Rajendran, K.  O’Shea, R., Xia, A., Murphy J.D. (2019) How to optimise photosynthetic biogas upgrading: a perspective on system design and microalgae selection. Biotechnology Advances, 37, 8, 107444.
  2. Lin, R., Cheng, J., Cheng, J., Xia, A., Lens, P., Jackson, S., Dobson, A., Murphy, J.D. (2019) Graphene Facilitates Biomethane Production from Protein-Derived Glycine in Anaerobic DigestioniScience, 10,21, 158 – 170
  3. McDonagh, S., Deane, J.P., Rajendran, K., Murphy, J.D. (2019) Are electrofuels a sustainable transport fuel? Analysis of the effect of controls on carbon, curtailment, and cost of hydrogen. Applied Energy 247: 716-730.
  4. Xia, A., Murphy, J.D. (2016) Microalgal cultivation in treating liquid digestate from biogas systems. Trends in Biotechnology 34:4:264-275 (10.1016/j.tibtech.2015.12.010)
  5. Herrmann, C., FitzGerald, J., O’Shea, R., Xia, A., O'Kiely, P., Murphy, J.D. (2015) Ensiling of seaweed for a seaweed biofuel industry. Bioresource Technology 196 (2015) 301–313

See Prof. Murphy's IRIS profile for full details of publications.


Professional Activity

Professor Murphy represents Ireland at the International Energy Agency Bioenergy since 2007.  Due to his world-leading scholarship in bioenergy and algal biofuels,  he was elected by his international peers to lead the Biogas Task from 2016 till 2018. This task includes for 17 countries at the cutting edge of renewable gas production. In this role he authored/edited 11 IEA Bioenergy reports, 13 case stories, chaired 6 Symposia and provided expert evidence to the IEA and the European Commission. He was re-elected unanimously by the country delegates for a second trimester (2019 – 2021). 


Prof Murphy serves on the Gas Innovation Group which awards funding to research and development projects in the gas industry in Ireland.

Teaching Activity

Prof Murphy delivers the following modules:

CE4011/NE3904 Transportation and Energy
CE4012 Traffic and Highways
NE4005/NE6004 Biomass Energy

He supervises final year projects for the Civil Engineering Degree (CE4002) for the Energy Engineering Degree (NE4020) and for the Masters in Sustainable Energy (NE6009)


Professor Murphy delivers the following modules:

NE6004            Advanced Fuels, Bioenergy and the circular economy (from 2021)

NE4005            Biomass Energy

Professor Murphy delivers lectures in the following modules:

CE4011            Transportation and Energy

CE4012            Traffic and Highways



Jerry D Murphy

Contact Details:


Professor of Civil Engineering, Director of MaREI Centre


BE Civil Engineering 1989 MEngSc (Environmental Engineering) 1992 PhD Engineering 2003 Chartered Engineer & Member of Engineers Ireland (1993)

Research Area:

Advanced Fuels and the circular economy



Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Innealtóireacht Shibhialta agus Timpeallachta

University College Cork, Cork