School Research Committee

Ethics Approval Process

The School of Food and Nutritional Sciences Research Committee has developed guidance to increase awareness of best practice in research integrity and ethical approaches. The Research Committee will now start to review and approve research projects and related research activities conducted as part of taught undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations. (School of Food and Nutritional Sciences Ethics Guidelines Document).


In UCC, research ethics is the remit of the University Ethics Committee (UEC).  There are three ethics subcommittees under the remit of UEC; Social Research Ethics Committee (SREC), Clinical Research Ethics Committee and Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (AEEC). If you wish to publish your research, you should submit your ethics application to one of these committees. If you are unsure which University ethics committee you should apply to, please see: and please see decision tree below to help guide you. 



If you do not intend to publish your research, you can apply to the School Ethics Committee, a subgroup of the School Research Committee, within the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences. This committee reviews research proposals submitted by university staff seeking ethical approval for research. The work of this committee is strongly informed by the UCC Code of Research Conduct (2021). See: UCC Code of Research Conduct 


This committee seek to ensure that supervisors and researchers are sufficiently supported to undertake research (which may involve human participants) to the highest possible standards and with due regard to the welfare of all concerned.   

Procedure for Submitting Research Proposals

Application Form and Templates:

  1. Please read the updated UCC Code of Research Conduct before completing the application form.
  2. Please complete the online ethics application form (link below), including all relevant documentation.
  3. Sample informed consent form/information sheet templates are provided below (you are not obliged to use these templates).
  4. A pre-review process will be undertaken, and incomplete applications will be returned to applicants.
  5. Applicants should ensure that they give themselves a good lead-in time in applying for ethical approval. Once applications are logged for review, applicants should expect to have feedback from the Ethics committee within 2 weeks, with a decision within 3-4 weeks. 

Link to Ethics Application form - 

Link to sample consent form - Sample Consent Form

link to sample information sheet - Sample information Sheet

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