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Human nutrition, food science and the supply chain from farm to consumer are the specialties of the associated Schools of Food and Nutritional Sciences and Food Business and Development at University College Cork.

UCC has a national and international reputation for provision of quality education in the Food area and has state of the art facilities.

We are recognised for the high quality of research and collaboration in human nutrition and health, cereals and beverage technology, dairy science, food packaging, ingredients technology, consumer behaviour, food economics, supply chain management, international food policy and rural development.

Our staff are among the most highly cited scientists in their respective fields and contribute to the development of policies that improve public health, safeguard food safety and promote innovation and sustainability of the rural economy and the modern food industry.

Ireland’s agri-food industry is a key component our modern economy. It accounts for 8% of GDP, with over 160,000 jobs. It is responsible for a major proportion of exports of Irish-owned enterprises and its products are sold in over 170 markets around the world. Annual food output exceeds €16 billion, and the sector contributes €7 billion in exports.

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Head of School


Prof. Paul McSweeney

Room 233 Food Science & Technology Building

(2nd Floor)

Tel: 353-21-4902011

e-mail: p.mcsweeney@ucc.ie 

School Manager Dr. Bronagh Clarke

Room 241 Food Science & Technology Building

(2nd Floor)

Tel: 353-21-4902650

e-mail: b.clarke@ucc.ie

Administrative Staff Ms. Anne Cahalane

Room 350 Food Science & Technology Building

(3rd Floor)

Tel: 353-21-4903527

e-mail: a.cahalane@ucc.ie


Ms. Anne Fenton


Room 240 Food Science & Technology Building

(2nd Floor)

Tel: 353-21-4903393

e-mail: a.fenton@ucc.ie


Ms. Sophie Flanagan

Room 240 Food Science & Technology Building

(2nd Floor)

Tel: 353-21-4902384

e-mail: sophie.flanagan@ucc.ie


School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, Room 242 Food Science Building, University College, Cork