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College Graduate Studies Committee


Committee Member Academic Unit
Dr. Eric Moore (Chair)
School of Chemistry
Prof. Colm O'Dwyer School of Chemistry
Prof. Alan Kelly School of Food & Nutritional Sciences
Dr. Dan Grigoras School of Computer Science & Information Technology
Dr. Gordon Lightbody School of Engineering and Architecture
Dr. Kate Kiseeva School of BEES
Dr. Kellie Dean School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Dr. Jerry Reen School of Microbiology
Prof. Frank Peters School of Physics
Dr. Supratik Roy School of Mathematical Sciences
Dr. Orla Slattery Tyndall National Institute 
Ms. Emily Chambers College of SEFS
Ehren Dixon Student Rep - College of SEFS

Terms of Reference


The role of the College of SEFS Graduate Studies Committee (SEFS-GSC) is to advise and assist the Head of College in the strategic leadership and management of graduate studies in the College and associated research units. Its specific responsibility is to advise and assist the Head of College and College Council in the fulfilment of all graduate studies aspects of the College Strategic Plan.


The SEFS-GSC comprises one member of each school (or relevant unit) in the College appointed by the school or unit, a representative of the postgraduate students, and a chair appointed by the Head of College (normally the College of SEFS Vice-Dean for Graduate Affairs). Permission for occasional attendance by named alternates may be provided by prior agreement with the Chair. A quorum for the SEFS-GSC requires that at least 7 members of the committee are in attendance at a meeting. Decisions (when required) will be made by a majority vote and, in the case of a tied vote, then the deciding vote will rest with the Chair.

Members of the College or the wider University may be invited to attend for specific agenda items at meetings of SEFS-GSC in order to provide advice and assistance.

Roles and responsibilities of SEFS-GSC

The SEFS-GSC works within the normal structure of the College (as outlined in the College Rules). Specifically the roles and responsibilities of the SEFS-GSC includes:

  • Manage research, teaching and other activities associated with the College of SEFS Graduate School.
  • Working with each unit to develop and implement the College of SEFS strategic plan for graduate studies.
  • Advising on, and implementing, policies and procedures to support graduate recruitment and graduate education.
  • Acting as an interface between the College and the office of the Dean of Graduate Studies e.g. by representation on Academic Council for Graduate Studies Committee (ACGSC).
  • Advising on the enhancement of the working environment, including infrastructure, for graduate students and their supervisors.
  • Monitoring, implementing and inputting into national policy for graduate studies through the appropriate agencies and committees.
  • Publicising and promoting graduate education to the wider community including engagement with all stakeholders (industry, national policymakers, etc.).
  • Preparing and submitting, as required, reports for the College Executive Management Committee (CEMC) and College Council.

The College Graduate Studies Committee reports in the first instance to the College Executive Management Committee (CEMC) and, through CEMC, to the College Council.


Meetings will run during normal term time with a minimum of 6 meetings per academic year. A meeting agenda, minutes and supporting papers will be circulated by the SEFS office prior to each meeting.


The Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified after consultation with, and agreement by, the SEFS-GSC

 Updated Jan 2023

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