Undergraduate Students

Timetable of the Academic Year 2021/22

Semester Periods First Semester Period Christmas Recess Marking For S1 Exams Second Semester Period Easter Recess 1 Week Study/Review
Dates 13.09.2021
  • Your personal timetable will be available on Canvas, following your registration.

Examination Periods 2021/22

Exam Periods Examination Period I Examination Period II
Dates Friday 10.12.2021
Tuesday 21.12.2021
Friday 29.04.2022
Friday 13.05.2022

Student Well-Being

Some students will, from time to time, encounter problem situations which they are not able to handle very well during their time in UCC. These may be personal, financial or academic difficulties. Should you find yourself in this position, our experience is that the sooner you seek help, the easier it is to ensure a satisfactory resolution, whatever the reason for your problems. There are many people on campus to help you. A wide range of specific supports are provided. Ms. Emily Chambers is also available to speak to you about your concerns and any issues, suggestions or questions which may arise during your time as a student in SEFS at UCC.

The "Acorn to Mighty Oak" has come to symbolise students' academic, personal and professional development journey throughout their time at UCC. In alignment with this rich metaphor, the support services available to students are presented in the form of a Support Tree. This tree depicts the support services currently available to students and provides links to further information about each service.

Graphic explaining the student supports in UCC

Points of Contact for Incoming First Years

For general queries you can email sefstlse@ucc.ie. For queries specific to your course, please contact the course coordinator.

Programme Primary Contact Email Address
CK401 Computer Science Dr. Sabin Tabirca bsc_coordinator@cs.ucc.ie
CK402 Biological and Chemical Sciences SEFS College Office college-sefs@ucc.ie
CK404 Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr. Barbara Doyle Prestwich  bees@ucc.ie
CK405 Genetics Dr. Tom Moore genetics@ucc.ie
CK406 Chemical Sciences Dr. Dave Otway dave.otway@ucc.ie
CK407 Mathematical Sciences Dr. Andreas Amann a.amann@ucc.ie
CK408 Physics and Astrophysics Dr. Stephen Fahy physics@ucc.ie
CK409 Industrial Physics Dr. Bryan Kelleher physics@ucc.ie
CK411 Data Science and Analytics Prof. Gregory Provan bsc_dsacoordinator@cs.ucc.ie
CK412 Agricultural Science Prof. Frank Buckley P.Fogarty@ucc.ie
CK504 Nutritional Sciences Dr. Alice Lucey a.lucey@ucc.ie
CK505 Food Science Dr. Eileen O'Neill e.oneill@ucc.ie
CK600 Engineering Dr. Jorge Oliveira engineering@ucc.ie
CK606 Architecture Dr. John McLaughlin architecture@ucc.ie
CR320 Biomedical Sciences Dr. Paul Young p.young@ucc.ie

Supports for First Year Students

Specific programmes and supports are in place to help students transition into college life during your first year on campus.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme is a student support scheme for first year students taking PhysicsMathematics and Chemistry in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science. The PAL scheme provides a student friendly support system for first year students. These PAL sessions help first year students’ understanding of these subjects and prepare them better for assignments and exams and are in addition to lectures, practicals/tutorials. The sessions also help student adjustment in first year by easing the transition from secondary school to university as it provides the opportunity for students to get to know others on their course. PAL sessions are based on existing course materials e.g. lecture notes, handouts, workbooks, textbooks, etc. Undergraduate students from second year onwards (known as PAL Leaders) are recruited and trained to assist first year students. Two PAL Leaders are assigned to groups of about 20 students thus making it easier to discuss topics and ask questions.

Student Policies and Procedures

Important policies and procedures with which students should be familiar.

Undergraduate Student Change and Transfer Requests

Are you a current College of SEFS student thinking about a change such as a leave of absence from college, studying abroad for a year or taking extra modules? Maybe you wish to transfer to another degree programme? Information on how to apply for a change or transfer is given below.

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

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