Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses in Energy Engineering

Postgraduate Courses in Energy Engineering

Taught Postgraduate Programmes in Energy Engineering

MEngSc (Sustainable Energy) : This 12 month programme is open to graduates who already hold a degree in a related engineering discipline or equivalent qualification. The programme consists of 8 months of lectures in sustainable energy topics including wind energy; wave energy; energy systems modelling; power systems; energy in buildings, and a 4-month research project leading to a minor thesis. The full module list is described in the UCC Postgraduate Calendar.

There is also a wide range of opportunity for continued education outside of UCC as seen in the variety of Master undertaken by the 2015 graduates.


Postgraduate Research in Energy Engineering

There is still a great deal of research required to understand the most effective means for us to transition to a low carbon future. Thus, there is huge opportunity for Energy Engineering graduates to enter this sector in UCC’s Environmental Research Institute (ERI), and the national Marine and Renewable Energy Institute (MAREI). In the past several of our graduates have gone on to join teams across the areas of; Energy Policy and Modelling, Biofuels, Energy Management and Marine Renewables.

MEngSc (Master of Engineering Science)
This normally takes between 12 to 18 months to complete. The student, under the supervision of a member of staff, is required to submit a research thesis. The thesis is examined by an external examiner and the student normally presents for oral examination.

ME (Master of Engineering)
The Candidate must have at least 5 years of professional experience, evidence of which must be presented, and he/she must submit a satisfactory dissertation on an approved branch or branches of Engineering in which he/she has been engaged. The candidate must present himself/herself for an oral examination and may be required to present for a written examination under certain circumstances.

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
The student undertakes a period (normally three/four years) of original research, under the supervision of a member of staff, and submits a substantial research thesis for examination. An external examiner is selected with expertise in that research field to review the thesis and the student normally presents for oral examination.

Energy Engineering

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