Energy Engineering Research

Energy Engineering Research

Areas of Research

Energy Engineering research at UCC encompasses many aspects of energy generation, transmission, distribution, end use and policy.

UCC has active research groups in the fields of:

Biofuels & bioenergy;


Wind energy;

Ocean energy (wave & tidal);

Energy efficiency;

Energy systems modelling & energy policy;

Photonics for Energy Efficient Systems.

Research centres such as Beaufort Research, the Hydraulics & Maritime Centre and the Informatics Research Unit for Sustainable Engineering carry out cutting-edge research with collaborators in industry and academia across the globe.

Energy Research Labs & Centres

Hydraulics & Maritime Research Centre, wave energy and coastal energy research centre with an Ocean Wave Test Basin and a Wave Flume to enable the simulation of different wave conditions in order to test devices in different sea states.

Beaufort Research, a purpose-designed ocean energy research laboratory opening in 2014, which will incorporate the National Ocean Energy Test Facility and the Sustainable Energy Research Group.

Energy Lab is based in the Electrical & Electronic Engineering building, with facilities for test and development of power electronic systems including drive controls and power convertors.

The Biofuels & Bioenergy group is based in UCC's Environmental Research Institute, which houses experimental anaerobic digestion facilities for producing biogas from organic materials.


UCC's Energy Engineering researchers publish their work in the most highly-regarded international academic journals. A sample of recent publications is given here. Many of UCC's Energy Engineering research papers are freely available to download via CORA, UCC's institutional research repository.

Selected Recent Publications

Mc Garrigle, EV; Deane, JP; Leahy, PG (2013) 'How much wind energy will be curtailed on the 2020 Irish power system?'. Renewable Energy, 55 : 544-553. Available Online [DOI] [CORA Link]

O'Connor, M,Lewis, T,Dalton, G (2013) 'Operational expenditure costs for wave energy projects and impacts on financial returns'. Renewable Energy, 50 :1119-1131. [DOI]

Allen, E., Browne, J., Murphy, J.D (2013) 'Evaluation of biomethane potential from co-digestion of nitrogenous substrates'. Environmental technology, . [DOI]

A.M. Foley, B. P. Ó Gallachóir, E.J. McKeogh, D. Milborrow and P.G. Leahy (2013) 'Addressing the Technical and Market Challenges to High Wind Power Integration in Ireland'. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. In press.

Deane, J.P.; McKeogh, E.J.; Ó Gallachóir, B.P. (2013) 'Derivation of Intertemporal Targets for Large Pumped Hydro Energy Storage With Stochastic Optimization'. IEEE Transactions On Power Systems, . [DOI]

Murray, SN,Rocher, B,O'Sullivan, DTJ (2012) 'Static Simulation: A sufficient modelling technique for retrofit analysis'. Energy and Buildings, 47 : 113-121. 

Mc Namara, P., Negenborn, R.R., De Schutter, B., and Lightbody, G (2012) 'Weight optimisation for iterative distributed model predictive control applied to power networks'. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence,

Mathews, I,O'Mahony, D,Corbett, B,Morrison, AP (2012) 'Theoretical performance of multi-junction solar cells combining III-V and Si materials'. Optics Express, 20 :754-764



Open Research Positions

Please visit UCC's research vacancies page for the latest open research positions and studentships in Energy Engineering.

Energy Engineering

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