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BE (Honours) Energy Engineering

BE (Honours) Energy Engineering

Course Overview

The degree offers a solid foundation in engineering, covering core topics from across the various disciplines. Before moving to a greater focus on areas such as; electrical generation and distribution, automation, building design, transport and energy policy and modelling. Preparing Energy Engineering graduates for a wide range of roles, with the opportunity of making a difference to the world by challenging traditional practices with a new focus on energy and sustainability.

“This degree is challenging, but that is exactly what makes it so worthwhile. This is a modern degree for a modern world that urgently needs higher quality design, more ethical engineering decisions and stronger environmental leadership.” - Vera O’Riordan, Class of 2015 – 2019

Every module contains hands-on practical coursework that helps our graduates learn the skills necessary to work as a team. In 3rd year, there is an option to study abroad and every student undertakes a five-month work placement.

UCC Engineering programmes now share a common first year. In order to guarantee a place in second year Energy Engineering you should specify 'Energy Engineering' as your CK600 option. 

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Energy Engineering

School of Engineering Office, Electrical Engineering Building, UCC, College Road, Cork.