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Unconscious Bias

In the School of Chemistry we encourage all staff to consider how they may be influenced by their unconscious bias. Unconscious biases play a role in our day to day decision making, even though we are often completely unaware of their influence. Our biases are often informed by our own backgrounds, experiences, & cultural environments. All our staff have undertaken 'Unconscious Bias Awareness' training in the university. This Unconscious Bias Awareness workshop looks at: 

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • The nature of unconscious bias
  • How it works including affinity, confirmation bias & group think
  • The impact of unconscious bias 
  • Strategies & tips for managing unconscious bias

There are also online resources around unbiasing or becoming aware of your own unconscious biases, such as:

School of Chemistry

Scoil na Ceimic

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