Separations, Sensing & Analytical Chemistry

Separations, Sensing & Analytical Chemistry


Staff Profiles

Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick                                 Audible Sound Waves as a new form of Spectroscopy. Environmental monitoring of habitats under conservation. In-vitro and in-vivo bio-analysis of pharmaceutical compounds with a special interest in transdermal drug delivery. Risk assessment and predictive modelling of exogenous compounds via the dermal route. Evaluation and applications of Partition and distribution Co-efficients in PBPK, Environmental and Bio-modelling.
Prof. Jeremy Glennon Our analytical chemistry research group focuses on chromatography and separation science, in particular on the design, study and application of selectivity in analytical on-chip separation devices and processes. Research is focussed on the synthesis of novel biochromatography and chelating phases, the solubilisation and deposition of metal ions (e.g. gold, silver) using supercritical fluids, and the applications of bioseparation and identification techniques to the analysis and speciation of ionic, pharmaceutical and bioactive solutes.
Dr. Eric Moore Specializing in the integration of multi-sensing biosensors (micro or nano scale) and the development of “lab on chip” platform systems with high sensitivity and specificity that are modular in nature, can be easily tailored and adapted for multiple applications.
Dr. Mila Pravda 1) Bio-detection with nano-composite materials. 2) Integration of bio-electrochemical detection into microfluidic separation platforms.

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