Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility

Message from the Director of the ABCRF


Welcome to the Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility, a state of the art interdisciplinary research centre housed in the new Cavanagh Pharmacy Building, University College Cork.  Directed by Professor Anita Maguire, the ABCRF recognises that most of the key developments in the Pharmaceutical area today take place at the Chemistry-Biology interface, with interdisciplinary teams of researchers drawn from Chemistry, Pharmacy and the BioSciences contributing to the design and development of new pharmaceutical agents.  Accordingly, with the support of PRTLI3 and PRTLI4, UCC has established this new research facility combining researchers from Chemistry - Synthetic and Analytical - and Biochemistry to bridge these two research disciplines.

Clearly, complementary research expertise within the ABCRF, The BioSciences Institute, School of Pharmacy, Biotransfer Unit and Tyndall National Institute will lead to exciting research collaborations in the future.

Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility

Analytical & Biological Chemistry Research Facility Cavanagh Pharmacy Building University College Cork College Road, Cork