Staff Well-Being

Staff Resource Tree

This tree depicts the support services and resources available to staff and provide links to further information about each service.

Staff Well-Being Advisor

The Staff Wellbeing and Development Advisor, Sylvia Curran, is always available to provide wellbeing support on ext. 1814 or via email at Sylvia is available by appointment to meet with staff members on a strictly confidential basis to discuss any concerns or to discuss the various support options available in more detail.

Staff Well-Being Seminars

The university routinely facilitates lunchtime talks & seminars for staff in UCC. The topics covered range from parenting to dietary concerns, from personal well-being to financial planning, and are delivered by speakers from a variety of professional & academic backgrounds. A number of the seminars have been recorded and archived so if you miss one, you will have always have the chance to catch up.

National Workplace Well-Being Day

Annually, the School of Chemistry celebrates National Workplace Well-Being Day with a number of innovative workplace activities. In 2018, the School was awarded first place in the University National Workplace Wellbeing Day 'Over to You' competition.

The School of Chemistry | University National Workplace Wellbeing Day 'Over to You' competition winners 2018.

National workplace well-being activities have included:

  • An online healthy recipes folder.
  • A gratitude wall.
  • A loving kindness art class session.
  • A plant collection to help promote cleaner air in our office space.
  • Bird watching tour around the UCC main campus.

Photos | National Well-Being Day

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