Dissertation topics

MEngSc (Taught) Dissertation Topics

Previous research projects undertaken as part of the MEngSc in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing, Process, and Automation Systems) have included:

  • "Analysis of Product Variability in Fluidised Bed Drying"
  • "Development and Testing of an Air Impingement Unit"
  • "Defect Characterisation using Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques" 
  • "Motion of Particles on a Vibratory Conveyor as a Random Process"
  • "Vent Performance to Prevent Vessel Implosion"
  • "Accurate fluid flow metering using ultrasound"
  • "Heat Transfer to a Food Product during Non-Homogeneous Cooling"
  • "Integration of an X-Ray System into a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)"
  • "Analysis of surface degradation on powder coated enclosure side panels"
  • "Modeling of a Vibrating Conveyor"
  • "Construction of a SCARA robot manufacturing cell"
  • "Analysis of Particle Kinetics and Heat Transfer Variability in Fluidized Bed Processing"
  • "Determination of the absolute stiffness of graphite golf shafts"
  • "Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of the Motion of Particles on a Sliding Conveyor"
  • "Position control of a vane motor"
  • "Precision marking and cutting using a Nd:YAG laser"
  • "A semi-active suspension system"
  • "Computer simulation of micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS)"
  • "Temperature effects in ultrasonic fluid flow metering"
  • "Analysis of the Residence Time Distribution in a Re-circulatory Fluidised Bed Processing Unit"
  • "Design and analysis of self excited jets"
  • "Centrifuge and dryer analysis for API production"
  • "Development and Validation of a Model for Particle Kinetics in a Rotary Processor"
  • "Manifold design and process automation for HBr/HCl charging"
  • "Analysis of the Collapse of a Vessel due to an Internal Vacuum" 
  • "Air-coupled ultrasonic NDT of materials"
  • "FE modelling of temperature distribution in metal machining"
  • "PCB manufacture by CNC milling"

Discipline of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

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