Course Details

MEngSc Course Details

Students are required to take ten taught modules to the value of 50 credits and undertake a compulsory preliminary research project worth 10 credits to complete 60 credits in Part I. Candidates who obtain a minimum of 50% in both the coursework and the preliminary research are then eligible to undertake a major research project worth 30 credits in Part II and submit a dissertation leading to the award of the Masters degree. The modules offered are listed below. A typical 5 credit module consists of the equivalent of 24 hours of lectures plus a minimum of 12 hours of continuous assessment, laboratories, project work or directed private study.

For more detailed information about each module, please click on the relevant module code below. Please note that the module contents and availability may change; alternative module choices may also be offered.

The course is offered full-time only ( course code CKR27) beginning in early September each year and is a full 12 months. Part I usually finishes in May, and Part II is then completed over the summer months, with dissertation submission at the start of September.

The complete structure of the programme may be found in the Postgraduate Calendar.

Part I: Compulsory modules (from September 2018)

Part I: Compulsory Modules (from September 2018)

    • ME6019 Preliminary Research Project (10 credits)
    • MG6021 Operations Management (5 credits)
    • MG6315 Project Management (5 credits)


Part I: Elective modules (from September 2018)

Part I: Elective modules (from September 2018)

Students must select a total of 40 credits of elective modules from Group A and Group B, with not less than 25 credits from Group A, the balance of credits from Group B, and with no more than 30 credits of elective modules selected in any single Semester.


Group A elective modules (5 credits each):


Group B elective modules (5 credits each):

    • CE3010 Energy in Buildings
    • CE4016 Energy Systems in Buildings
    • PE6002 Optimisation and Continuous Processs Improvement
    • PE6003 Process Validation and Quality
    • PE6007 Mechanical Design of Process Equipment
    • PE6009 Pharmaceutical Engineering


Part II: Compulsory modules

Part II: Compulsory Modules

    • ME6020 Dissertation in Mechanical Engineering (30 credits)


Discipline of Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

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