The Year Abroad

Study Abroad Opportunities in French

A number of undergraduate degree programmes in French allow the possibility to spend an academic year at a French or Belgian university. These are 4-year degree programmes, where the third year is spent abroad:

BA Arts International

BA World Languages

BEd Gaeilge (CK124)

BCL Law and French

BSc International Business with Languages

Arrangements for the year abroad as part of the BA Arts International degree are made through the French Department. In the case of the other degree programmes, arrangements are made through the relevant college or other subject department.

BA International | Programme Co-ordinators: Dr Elisa Serra Porteiro - Ms Siobhan Mortell

Arts programmes| Academic coordinator: Ms Sylvie Campion

BSc International Business with Languages | Academic coordinator: Dr Kate Hodgson


The French Department has exchange programmes with a range of universities in France and Belgium. Arrangements for the year abroad are made during 2nd year. Full details are provided at an Erasmus meeting arranged by the Department towards the end of the 1st semester. Other information is available on the website of the International Education Office

For practical information and  tips, check this website designed by and for university students.

Partner Universities

AIX-EN-PROVENCE Université de Provence-Aix-Marseille

BRUSSELS Istitut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes

CAEN Université de Caen

CLERMONT-FERRAND Université Blaise Pascal-Clermont-Ferrand 2

GRENOBLE Université Grenoble-Alpes

LILLE Université de Charles de Gaulle-Lille 3

NAMUR (Belgium) Facultés universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix-Namur

PARIS Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3

RENNES Université de Haute Bretagne – Rennes 2

ÎLE DE LA RÉUNION Université de la Réunion 

STRASBOURG Université de Strasbourg

St ETIENNE Université Jean Monnet

TOURS Université François Rabelais

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