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Portuguese in UCC 

Initially introduced as a language elective by the late Professor Foley in the 1980s, Portuguese has been available as a subject since 2012. Since the academic year 2020-21, we offer Portuguese as a full 30-credit degree subject.  


Why study Portuguese? 

Portuguese allows you to study the language and culture of Portugal and of the Portuguese speaking world (Lusofonia) through literature, theatre, film, music, art, history and media.  

As a result of its growing prominence as a world language, Portuguese is a highly marketable skill, especially in the areas of commerce, engineering, translation, tourism, health and sports. Spoken by more than 200 million people across four continents, Portuguese is usually ranked as the sixth most spoken language in the world, and the most widely spoken in the southern hemisphere. Portuguese is, of course, spoken in Portugal, but it is also the official language of Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde and São Tomé in Africa. 

Portuguese is an official language of the European Union and MERCOSUR, the economic alliance between several South American countries, including Brazil. Rapidly becoming one of the world’s leading economiesBrazil is already a leader in the areas of medicine, technology and energy. It hosted the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. 

Portuguese opens doors to rich and diverse cultures 


Why study Portuguese at UCC? 

Our course enables you to explore Portuguese as a global language and its literature and culture. Studying the language involves oral and aural practice, as well as reading and writing with a tutor. You will start out as an absolute beginner when you begin your studies and if you are a BA International student or students on an International pathway in another degree programme you will have the option to spend Year 3 at a university in Portugal (Coimbra). We offer small class sizes in the modules to facilitate interactive teaching/learning and student participation. UCC has recently refurbished its language training facilities to offer optimum conditions for your language learning. 


Career opportunities:  

Students' learning includes linguistics, intercultural, communicative and technological skills, intensive language training, and training in translation and writing for professional purposes. These skills will equip you for careers in areas such as:  

  • International Business  
  • Teaching  
  • Marketing  
  • Translating  
  • Public Service  
  • Tourism 
  • Recruitment  
  • Media  

Students with languages and soft communication skills will have more job opportunities, both at home and abroad.  


Interesting facts  

  • Portugal is the oldest nation in Europe  
  • Portuguese is spoken in all continents around the globe. 
  • Music styles in Portuguese such as sambakizomba or morna are the result of transnational exchanges and are globally known. 
  • Portuguese is one of the fastest growing European languages, but not yet widely learned as a second language. Be ahead of the trend 


For more information please contact Sofia da Silva Mendes S.daSilvaMendes@ucc.ie    or Dr. Carlos Garrido Castellano carlos.garridocastellano@ucc.ie 


Portuguese in UCC


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