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Year Abroad FAQ

Who should I talk to about the year abroad?

The International Education Office is responsible for many of the practical aspects of the Erasmus year. Their website contains extensive and very useful advice and tips ranging from financial aspects to culture shock to comments from the students. They can also aid students with applying to the host university, finding accommodation and they deal with Erasmus grants. Clare Murphy is the main contact for outgoing students and can be reached at:

International Education Office, Roseleigh, University College Cork, Western Rd., Cork.

Tel:     4904726


The web address for the International Office is:

Individual programme coordinators are:

For Commerce students, the coordinator is Siobhan Mortell (German Department)

For BA International students, the coordinator is Ditte Bellettre (German Department)

For European Studies students, the coordinator is Katherine McGarry (European Studies)


Which are UCC's partner universities for German?

BA International and World Languages students may go to the following universities:

BComm International students may go to:

European Studies students may go to:

How do I get accommodation?

You have two options: 

1)      You can apply for a room in a Studentenwohnheim (student residence).  These are administered by the university.  You should receive the forms when you receive the information pack from your host university, usually in April/May.  Make sure you send the forms back by the deadline in order to ensure that you can get a room with the university.

2)      You can look for accommodation privately when you arrive or try to arrange something ahead.  Some universities offer a service whereby students of the German/Austrian university who are going abroad themselves for a semester/full academic year make their accommodation available to incoming foreign students. You should enquire about this with the Studentenwerk of the university as soon as you know where you will spend your year abroad.

Would I prefer private accommodation or a student residence? 

Student residences generally cost less than private accommodation, but private accommodation affords better opportunity for integration and improving your German.  In some cities it can be more difficult and take more time to find private accommodation.  It is very important that you check this out before you make final decisions, and factor it in to your financial considerations.  Some universities have a service for foreign students whereby German students going abroad make their room / apartment available for the use of a foreign student coming over for the same length of time (rental costs still apply).  Each individual Studentenwerk can tell you whether they offer this. 

If you are thinking about getting private accommodation, check this website:, which was recommended to UCC by the International Office of the one of our exchange universities, but can be used for many cities in Germany and Austria. 

“Students that go abroad can advertise their rooms for free, and incoming students can respond to these offers for free. Only students can post rooms on the website, by allowing only those people with a university e-mail address.”

When do I need to be there?

Most German and Austrian universities begin in early October.  Some of them offer pre-semester intensive language courses – we highly recommend that you take one. 

When does semester begin and end?

For more detail click here and then on the relevant university.

Our Partner Universities and UCC Coordinators

Coordinator for the BA International Year Abroad and BA World Languages is Dr Emma Riordan,

Coordinators for the BA Comm Int'l Year Abroad are Ms Siobhan Mortell and Dr Claire O'Reilly,

UCC International Office representative is Clare Murphy

BA International and World Languages students may go to the following universities:

BComm International students may go to:

European Studies students may go to:

Department of German


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