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Graduate Studies

German Studies at Masters and Doctoral Level

The Department of German is involved in graduate studies both in the field of German Studies “proper,” as well as in various cognate fields such as Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, and Applied Linguistics. Staff are involved in various MA programmes including the MA in Applied Linguistics, the MA in Translation Studies, the MA in Women's Studies, the MA in Drama and Theatre Studies, and the MA in Film Studies

There is an active and vibrant research climate at the Department and students undertaking research find a very supportive and helpful environment in which to work. 

If you have any queries on our programmes, or if you have a research idea you would like to discuss further, please get in touch with us.

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Graduate Testimonials

Sonja Rohan, MA Translation Studies (2017)

I completed an MA in Translation Studies (German and Spanish) in 2017. Afterwards, I moved to Berlin for a traineeship at a localization company, and now work at Freie Universität Berlin as a translator.

MATS offered me ample space to learn the basic tenets of translation theory and experiment with different text types, while constantly honing my language skills. A series of talks with distinguished academics truly broadened our horizons, and the modules offered were very heterogeneous due to our lecturers’ variety of research interests.

Tackling complex texts with different objectives and purposes (and getting feedback) were excellent practice for my future as a translator in the commercial and public sector. Thanks to the sheer breadth of topics addressed, the MA in Translation Studies with German and Spanish was the ideal testing ground for me to explore different perspectives, strengthened my resolve to pursue translation as a career, and provided me with the skills to do so.


Uschi Linehan, PhD in German Studies (2019)

I completed a B. A. in German and French in UCC in 2011. I found the Department of German to be extremely well-organised, encouraging and supportive. They were always willing to help and answer any questions I had. In 2013, I decided to undertake my PhD research project in German literature, psychoanalysis, and philosophy at the Department of German in UCC. I was inspired by reading the novels of Hermann Hesse. I was privileged to be supervised by Dr. phil. habil. Gert Hofmann and Dr. Rachel Mag Shamhráin; their combined expertise in literary and cultural analysis, literary aesthetics, and critical discourse analysis was an invaluable support to my research. During my PhD I learned how to pursue and structure an independent research project, and how to describe my research concisely and effectively. I gained invaluable teaching experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I continue to work part-time as a tutor to undergraduate students in the Department.

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