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Graduate Studies at the German Department

The Department of German is involved in graduate studies both in the field of German Studies “proper,” as well as in various cognate fields, as evidenced by staff involvement in a number of MA programmes including the MA in Drama and Theatre Studies, the MA in Film Studies, and the MAs in Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies, as well as its engagement in the field of Comparative Literature.

There is an active and vibrant research climate at the Department and students undertaking research find a very supportive and helpful environment within which to work. 

If you have any queries on our programmes, or if you merely have a research idea you would like to further discuss, please get in touch with us.

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Postgraduate Testimonials

"I have learnt so much about Germany and the German language ..."  

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What our Postgrads say...



I chose to do the MA in German Studies at UCC because I liked the mix of modules they had to offer. The mix of literature, film studies and pedagogy provides a great choice for any Masters student. The German Department have been massively accommodating and helpful. They are all really approachable, and I feel that if I did have any problems, that I could comfortably speak to any member of the staff without it being an issue. I am thoroughly enjoying the course, and I have no regrets in choosing the MA in German Studies at UCC.

Linda O’Connor, MA in German Studies, 2011

Hi, my name is Julia. I graduated with a Masters in Psychology from the University of Regensburg in southern Germany. Throughout my studies I have been researching and writing about the area of “Intercultural Communication.” This is a very interdisciplinary research field which makes it exiting and challenging at the same time. The Department of German at UCC offers a broad variety of research opportunities in this area. That’s why I came here to do my PhD with Dr. Claire O’Reilly. My doctoral thesis is entitled ‘Theory and Practice of Intercultural Learning in Bicultural Encounters.’

Julia Bürger, PhD in German Studies






Hello, my name is Philip Cronin The M.A. in German Studies offers the postgraduate student an absolutely terrific insight into the different subject areas within the field, with a generous range of modules on offer, covering various topics within the sphere of German Studies, with lecturers who are not only friendly and helpful but who are also experienced and established in their fields. I chose to specialize in the areas of “Teaching and Learning of German, Language, Literature and Culture” and “Film and Cultural Memory”.  I wrote my thesis on the pro-Irish Propaganda Films made in Germany during the Nazi period. Particular credit must be given to my supervisors, who were able to guide me in the right direction regarding my research and writing of the thesis.

Philip Cronin, MA in German Studies, 2008

My name is Nevin McCarthy. I am from Germany, and married to a Corkman with three children. I am currently studying for an MA in German Studies at UCC on a part-time basis. The course is interdisciplinary which is great: I have learned how to use drama methods in a foreign language classroom, which is crucial for me as a teacher; the module ‘Intercultural Communication’ gives a solid foundation in that academic field also important for teaching today. My other modules give me good grounding in research skills, presentation skills and academic writing. I already have a HDip in Education and hope to increase my profile with the MA German Studies in the job market. My lecturers take my personal situation into consideration in regards to arranging the timetable so that keeping other various appointments have never been an issue. I am delighted to be able to study at UCC, an institution of excellence that speaks for itself, in the heart of Cork City,

Nevin McCarthy, MA in German Studies 2012




In 2002 I did my PhD in Foreign Language Teaching Research at the Department of German at UCC. Under the supervision of Dr. Manfred Schewe I had the incredible opportunity to conduct ground-breaking research into the teaching and learning of German grammar through drama pedagogy. My book Drama Grammatik. Dramapädagogische Ansätze für den Grammatikunterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache was published in 2003. I am now Professor and Language Program Director in the Department of Germanic Studies at Indiana University, USA.

Susanne Even, PhD in German Studies

As a mature student living in Kerry, with the commitments of family and part-time work, I took two years to complete the MA programme. The part-time option gave me time to savour every bit of an exciting intellectual and personal journey! I found the German Department extremely welcoming and supportive, and wherever possible, schedules were arranged to suit the needs of the MA students.

Nora O’Dwyer, MA in German Studies, 2009 

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