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Academics and Research Supervisors

Professor Aideen Sulllivan Research group

Professor Aideen Sullivan leads an active research group, focused on novel approaches to the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Her particular interest is the development of neuroprotective therapies, which have the potential to slow or reverse the progression of this debilitating disease.

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Professor John.F Cryan Research group

Professor Cryan's current research interests include the neurobiological basis of stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders including depression, anxiety and drug dependence. His research group is also focused on understanding the interaction between brain, gut & microbiome and how it applies to stress and immune-related disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome and obesity and neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.

RESEARCH THEMES: Neuro-Gastroenterology, Neuro-immunology, Behavioural Neuroscience

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Dr Olivia O'Leary Research group

Dr O'Leary's main research interest is in the neurobiology and treatment of stress-related psychiatric disorders with a particular focus on depression.

RESEARCH THEMES: Neuroimmunology, Behavioural Neuroscience

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Professor Yvonne Nolan Research group

Research in Dr. Nolan's laboratory focuses on the effects of inflammation, exercise, stress and diet on hippocampal plasticity and neurogenesis (the birth of new neurons) and on associated learning and memory throughout the lifespan. She also investigates the impact of these lifestyle factors in models of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease.

RESEARCH THEMES: Neurodegeneration, Neuroimmunology, Developmental Neuroscience/Regeneration

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Professor Gerard O'Keeffe Research group

The central aim of Professor O'Keeffe's research is to understand the factors important for brain health across the life-span in order to translate this information into the development of novel molecular therapies for neuroprotection and neuroregeneration. Professor O'Keeffe is also interested in the molecular cross-talk between the nervous system and other physiological systems including the role of immune signals and placenta signals in regulating brain development.

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Dr Siobhain O'Mahony Research group

Dr O'Mahony's main research interest lies in the communication within the brain-gut-microbiota axis. Dr O'Mahony's work assesses outcomes of adverse events during the first 1000 days of life in particular the disruption of the gut microbiota through events such as antibiotic use or stressful situations. She is also interested in gender-related differences in pain perception as well as the involvement of the gut micorbiota in the development of obesity following antipsychotic treatment.

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Dr André Toulouse Research group

Dr Toulouse’s research aims to identify novel molecules to control the abnormal growth of cells in brain cancers and to provide an understanding of the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in spinocerebellar ataxia. The development of cell models allows us to identify key processes and potential therapeutic molecules to revert the devastating consequences of these diseases. In addition, Dr Toulouse leads an active group of researchers developing novel pedagogical tools for neuroanatomy and dental education.

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Dr Harriët Schellekens Research group

Dr Harriët Schellekens' research explores the neuronal circuitry underlying the complex relationship between stress, mood and food intake. Her work explores the pharmacology G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), neuropeptides and gut hormones within the microbiota-brain-gut axis, regulating the homeostatic control of food intake. These appetite and satiety signals also modulate the hedonic aspects of food intake and impact on stress-induced food reward behavior, which play a major role in the development of eating disorders, including obesity, binge-eating and addiction.

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Dr Jane English Research group

Dr English’s research focuses on the application of proteomics, bioinformatics, and systems biology approaches to study molecular pathways implicated in human health and disease, with a focus on neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders.

RESEARCH THEMES: Neuroproteomics and Molecular Psychiatry

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Dr Cian McCafferty Research group

Dr McCafferty's current research at UCC and APC Microbiome Ireland focuses on the patterns of neuronal and network activity that determine behaviour, with a particular interest in those mechanisms that mediate the influence of the gut microbiome on anxiety, mood and cognition.

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