Staff Profiles & Phone Book

Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience Staff Photograph details 2019


Retired and Emeritus

Department Phone Book 2022_23

Principal Investigators/Lecturers

Professor Aideen Sullivan, Head of Department Ext 5427
Professor John F Cryan, Chair of Anatomy Ext 5497
Professor Yvonne Nolan Ext 5476
Professor Gerard O’Keeffe Ext 5570
Dr Olivia O’Leary Ext 5480
Dr Siobhain O’Mahony Ext 5479
Dr André Toulouse Ext 5477
Dr Maria Rodriguez Aburto Ext 1348
Dr Niamh Brady  Ext 4906
Dr Louise Collins Ext 5432
Dr Jane English Ext 5481
Dr Andreea Factor Ext 5864
Dr Rebecca Henry Ext 5426
Dr Aonghus Lavelle Ext 5599
Dr Mutahira Lone Ext 5481
Dr Cian McCafferty Ext 5599
Dr Michael Waldron (Radiology P/T) Ext 5497 
Dr Kathy Quane On Leave
Dr Harriët Schellekens Ext 5429
Dr Mawadda Mohamed Ext 5481


Ms Shelly O’Shea, Senior Executive Assistant Ext 5497
Ms Mary Moynihan, Executive Assistant Ext 5874

Chief Technical Officers

Dr Sue Grenham  Ext 5461
Dr Gerry Moloney Ext 5712

Senior Technical Officers

Mr Michael Cronin Ext 5712
Ms Suzanne Crotty Ext 1350
Ms Tara Foley Ext 5494/1309
Dr Anna Golubeva Ext 1712
Ms Carrie O’Flynn Ext 5461
Ms Bereniece Riedewald Ext 1304

Technical Officers

Mr Max Shanahan Ext 5461
Mr Wayne Sheehan  Ext 5461

Research Assistants/ Research Support Officers & Lab Managers:

Patrick Fitzgerald  Research Support Officer  Cryan/Dinan
Eoin Gunnigle Research Assistant APC Cryan
Thieza Melo Research Assistant A&N Nolan/O'Leary
Ken O'Riordan  Lab Manager Cryan/Dinan
Francisca Villalobos Research Assistant APC/A&N O'Leary/Cryan

Postdoctoral Researchers and Supervisor(s): 

Thomaz Bastiaanssen Cryan APC
Kirsten Berding Cryan/Dinan APC
Serena Boscaini Cryan APC
Marta Brocka Cryan APC
Ruben Garcia Cabrera Cryan APC
Henry Darch Cryan/McCafferty APC
Francisco Donoso Cryan/Clarke PSYCH, APC
Kirsten Dowling English INFANT
Stefanie Grabrucker Nolan/O'Neill CNSC/A&N/APC
Erin Harris O'Leary A&N
Nirit Kara O'Leary/Cryan APC
David Kaulman Cryan APC
Sarah-Jane Leigh  Cryan/Clarke PSYCH/APC
Jason Martin Cryan/Dinan/Clarke A&N/APC/PSYCH
Jatin Nagpal Cryan APC
Sarah Nicolas Nolan/Cryan A&N/APC
Shridharan Parthasarathy  English A&N/INFANT
Noelia Morales Prieto O’Keeffe  A&NS
Paromita Sen Cryan APC
Carina Carbia Sinde Cryan/Dinan APC
Friederike Uhlig Cryan/Hyland APC/Physiology
Klara Vlckova Cryan APC
TBC O’Keeffe/Sullivan A&NS

Affiliated Postgraduate Students and Supervisor(s):

Jenny Cooney PhD Dockray/Nolan
Almas Khan PhD Arensman/O'Leary/Corcaran - Advisor Fahmi Ishmail
Emily Knox PhD Cryan/O'Driscoll/Clarke/Arburto Rodriguez
Marta Neto PhD O'Toole/Cryan
Loreto Olavarria PhD Dockray/Muphy/Cryan/McCafferty
Jen O'Shea PhD Dockray/Nolan
David Lachmansingh  MD Clarke/Lavelle/Cryan
Siobhan McGettigan MD O'Mahony/Nolan
Adam Lannon MSc Moloney/Cryan 

MSc students and Supervisor(s):

Nathan Carey Schellekens/O'Mahony
Timothy Lipuma Schellekens/English
Eva McMullan Setti/Chan/Nolan

PhD Students and Supervisor(s):

Sarah Alturkustani Lone/O'Mahony
Ramya Balasubramanian Cryan/Cotter
Arron Barron O'Keeffe/McCarthy
Rebekah Bevans Collins/Sullivan/ O'Keeffe
Hugo Blair Rodriguez Aburto/Cryan
Maria Caruso Nolan/O'Leary/Nicolas
Alexandre Cergneux Rodriguez Aburto/Cryan
Michael Collins Cryan/O'Riordan
Cristina Cuesta Marti Schellekens/Clarke
Clara Deady O'Mahony/O'Keeffe
Audrey Dempsey Nolan/Hunt/Lone
Sebastian Dohm-Hansen Allard Nolan/English/Lavelle
Aimone Ferri Cryan
Patricia Flynn Toulouse/Hand
Naomi Gavioli Cryan/Clarke/Gunnigle
Cassandra Gheorghe Cryan/Dinan/Clarke
Caoimhe Lynch Cryan/Clarke
Rie Matsuzaki Cryan
Erin McCarthy O'Keeffe/Sullivan/Collins
Jennifer Morael Rodriguez Aburto/Cryan
Jolie Morisho Sullivan/O'Keefe/Collins
Ketki Mulay O'Leary/Cryan/Nolan
Aisling Noone English/O'Mahony
Minke Nota Nolan/O'Leary 
Daragh O'Boyle English/Murray 
Adam O'Mahony O'Keeffe/Sullivan/Collins
Joan Omosefe Osayande Sullivan/O'Keefe/Collins
Pereira, Joanna Cryan
James Peckitt McCafferty/O’Flynn (Tyndall)
Antonios Prosilis O'Leary/Cryan/Nolan
Anna Ratsika Cryan/Codagnone
Nanthaniel Ritz Cryan/Dinan
Brendan Sharvin Cryan
Gabriel Tofani Cryan
Zoë Williams Nolan/Nicolas
Lars Wilmes Cryan/Clarke
Fionnuala Wilson Sullivan/O'Keefe/Collins



Building Laboratory Room Number Phone
BSI Technician Office 1.09 4981309
BSI General Laboratory 1.33 490 1359
BSI Tissue Culture Laboratory 1.35 490 1308
BSI Image Analysis Laboratory 1.36 490 1303
BSI Dr Kieran Rea Dr Ken O'Riordan\ Office 5.37 490 1721
BSI Gut Brain Axis  Reading Room 5.35 490 1712
BSI Prof Cryan Fifth Floor Lab 5.35 490 1685
BSI Ground floor reading room G.04 490 1349
BSI Olympus MP 2-photon Confocal Microscope  G.05 490 1410
BSI Upright Research Microscope G.12 490 1358
BSI Inverted Research Microscope G.14 490 1357
BSI Olympus FV1000 Confocal Microscope G.15 490 1428
BSI Electron Microscopy Preparation Laboratory G.16 490 1356
BSI Electro-physiology Laboratory G.17 490 1351
BSI Tissue Preparation Laboratory G.18 490 1353
BSI Cryostat Laboratory G.19 490 1352
BSI Molecular Laboratory G.20 490 1354


Building   Laboratory Room Phone
WGB   Research laboratory Third Floor                                    3.12                 420 5495
WGB   Research laboratory Fourth Floor 4.01J 420 5743

Biological Services Unit (BSU)

BSU Biological Services Unit (BSU) Technical Officers email:                     

EMERGENCY NUMBERS for out of hours donors

On-call staff mobile (087) 090 9481
Forde’s funeral directors (021) 431 8222
University Switchboard (021) 490 3000


UCC Security Main Desk (021) 490 2266
UCC Security Western Gateway Building (021) 420 5800


Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

Anatamaíocht agus Néareolaíocht

Room 2.33, 2nd Floor, Western Gateway Building, University College, Cork, Ireland