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Developmental Neuroscience - Regeneration

Developmental Neuroscience - Regeneration

Current Neuro-development projects involve:

  •  Investigation of glial-neuronal interactions in the developing nervous system.
  • Elucidation of spinal cord radial glial cell development and determination of the lineage relationships among different types of neuroepithelial cells in the spinal cord. 
  • Gene expression profiling in neuroepithelial stem and progenitor cells during development and in the adult CNS to elucidate mechanisms underlying fate decisions, differentiaton and phenotypic diversity. 
  • Spatial and temporal patterns of oligodendrogliogenesis and myelination in vivo. 
  • Investigation of the expression of the neurotrophic proteins GDF5 and GDNF, their receptors and intracellular signalling mechanisms in the developing and adult brain. 
  • Examination of the development of midbrain dopaminergic neurons, including gene expression profiling using microarray technology and studies on phenotypic changes which occur during specification, maturation and differentiation of these neurons. 
  • Investigation of the effect of inflammation on neurogenesis in the embryonic and adult hippocampus. 
  • Elucidation of the migration patterns of newly generated astrocytes and oligodendrocytes

Developmental Neuroscience - Regeneration recent publications


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