FLAME Laboratory

FLAME Laboratory

FLAME Laboratory

This is a landmark time in the Department’s history as it has recently moved to its new teaching and research facilities in the Western Gateway Building. The FLAME Laboratory takes its name from the sculpture Flame which was commissioned in recognition of the altruism of those who donate their bodies for medical education and research.  FLAME is an acronym for Facility for Learning Anatomy Morphology and Embryology.

This new state of the art facility offers huge potential for further development of teaching and research in the Department. Moreover, changes in medical education and advances in Medical Imaging are changing the landscape of how Anatomy is taught in professional programmes.

Flame by Alexandara Wejchert

‌The sculpture Flame was commissioned in 1995 by the then Professor of Anatomy, Professor John Fraher, in recognition of the altruism of those who donate their bodies for medical education and research.

It represents the flame of knowledge which leads to the light of understanding. Link here for more details.


Flame Lab Gallery

Flame Lab Gallery

Flame Lab in the News

Prep-For-Med day February 2015‌

Sen‌ior medical demonstrator Dr Ahmad Hassan Sheikh introducing Transtion Year Students to Anatomy

Another successful Prep-for-Med took place in UCC College of Medicine last week - Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience FLAME lab senior demonstrators Joy Balta and Ahmad Hassan Sheikh take time out to chat with Irish Examiner reporter. Read the full Irish Examiner article here http://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/features/teenagers-are-doctors-for-a-day-at-uccs-prep-for-med-day-312909.html

See video action from Prep-for-Med day 2015. The FLAME team of medical demonstrators and technical officers busy with the visiting students. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bx7n2x3d7l1mjq5/Prep%20for%20Med%202015%20updated.mp4?dl=0


Family Fun Day Science Week November 2014

Montaged image of activity in FLAME lab at Science Week: Family Open Day

An educational and fun day took place in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience’s FLAME lab on Sunday 9th of November, as part of Science week Family Open Day, which was held in the Western Gateway building.

The Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience FLAME staff welcomed budding scientists and their families into the state of the art anatomy FLAME laboratory. Visitors were taken on interactive tours of the human body, and were fascinated listening to talks on the skeleton, the heart & lungs, and the digestive system.

"Congratulations to Mike, Mags, Orla, Joy, Mutahira and Dave on a really excellent Celebrate Science event in the FLAME lab yesterday.

My children really enjoyed learning about the human body, and they loved the hands-on and interactive nature of the four information stations. Many of the families I spoke to during the day said that the FLAME tour was the highlight of the day.

Very well done to all involved!" - feedback from one family

Coordinated by SFI Discover, the education and public engagement programme of Science Foundation Ireland, Science Week runs from 9th – 16th November 2014 and is a collaboration of events run by schools, teachers, colleges, students, researchers, companies, libraries and community groups throughout Ireland.


Recent Thanksgiving Service March 2014

Candles commerating Anatomical Donors lighting at the recent Thanksgiving Ceremony

A Thanksgiving Ceremony hosted by the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience in association with the School of Medicine, took place on Wednesday 12th March 2014.

Professor John F. Cryan Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience welcomed and thanked the attendees saying, "We are very grateful to those who are generous enough to donate their bodies for medical science and education. Such bequests are essential to our proper functioning within the Medical and other Health Science schools. The body donors’ selfless and public-spirited actions benefit the education of approximately 600 students each year. I am delighted to say, representatives of our students that have benefited from this generosity will take an active part in the Service and acknowledge the gift they have been given by their “first patients”".

This now biennial ceremony to remember and celebrate the generosity of Anatomical Donors and their families took place in the Honan chapel. It was a celebration of donors lives expressed through readings music and poetry, read and performed by staff and students.  Fr David Barrins UCC Chaplain, and Rev Ted Ardis Dean's Vicar at St Finbarr's Cathedral also contributed to the ceremony.

Music was performed by Amy Edwards Murphy, bagpipes, 1st year Direct Entry Medicine, Gregory Campbell, viola, 1st year Graduate Entry Medicine. Stephen Galvin, vocals and guitar, 1st year Graduate Entry Medicine.

Readings and poetry were read by, Jamie Brennan, 1st year Direct Entry Medicine, Madeline Edwards, 1st year Graduate Entry Medicine, Samuel Hunter, Nikhil Jacobs and Jake Murphy, 2nd year Direct Entry Medicine,   KC Kenney, Áine Peoples and Kayla Rumack, 2nd year Graduate Entry Medicine and Dr. André Toulouse, Lecturer Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.

Memorial candles were lit by Miriam Dorgan, UCC Donor Programme, Caroline Clifford, 1st year Direct Entry Medicine and Mary Fok Seng, Donor family member.

Link to Anatomical Bequests page of Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience webpage.

Famillies of donors and university staff and students at the recent Thanksgiving Ceremony



Prep-For-Med day 2014

Transition year students at FLAME lab Prep-for-Med open day

Once again a very successful Prep-for-Med day was held UCC Medical School and Cork University Hospital. Including a visit to the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience's FLAME Laboratory.

The morning programme included a session in UCC’s state-of-the-art FLAME Anatomy laboratory and clinical skills sessions where students learned how to measure blood pressure, take blood samples, stop bleeding, check pulses, perform CPR, and bring the most advanced Human Patient Simulator (METI-HPS), back to life.

This is UCC’s fourth Prep-for-Med day and again was a great success. Almost 100 Transition Year students and 50 teachers from schools all over Munster attended the Prep-for-Med programme which gives an insight into life as a medical student and medicine as a career.


Advanced Anatomical Skills Course AN3000 Launched 2013

The teaching staff and students on completion of the module. Pictured from left Dr. André Toulouse, module coordinator; students Muhammad Danial Adnan, Maria O’Callaghan, Cillian Lineen, and Charles Leahy; and Mr Michael Cronin (Technical Director of FLAME Lab) and Ms Margaret Arnold (Senior Technical Officer, FLAME Lab).

In the summer of 2013, UCC’s Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience launched a new module, AN3000 – Advanced Anatomical Skills, intended to complement its current anatomy teaching to undergraduate medical students. The new course, offered as a special student-selected module, is aimed at medical students who have completed their second year.

The Advanced Anatomical Skills module which took place in the FLAME (Facility for Learning Anatomy, Morphology & Embryology) Lab  in the Western Gateway Building saw students prepare a dissection plan, perform the dissection to prepare a teaching cadaveric specimen and prepare a written report based on their work. The staff also delivered basic surgical-skills training to the students. In addition, to offering a perfect complement and consolidation to other anatomy courses, this new module provided the students with a unique perspective in the tri-dimensional relationship of tissues and organs within the human body. Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive. “This module allows students to really appreciate Anatomy in a relaxed manner and is ideal for students with an interest in surgery, radiology or other anatomically-oriented disciplines of medicine” said Dr André Toulouse (Module co-ordinator).

Building on this experience, the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience is planning to increase the number of students to 10 in July 2014. For further information, please contact Dr André Toulouse, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, School of Medicine, University College Cork.


National Pelvic Floor Symposium FLAME lab 2012

Photo: Delegates in attendance at the symposium, taken in the Anatomy FLAME Laboratory‌

The Fourth National Pelvic Floor Symposium took place in Cork on 20th April 2012 organized under the auspices of the Continence Foundation of Ireland.

The scientific component took place in the new Anatomy FLAME Laboratory, Western Gateway Building, UCC and at the Cork University Maternity Hospital.  The course was organised by Dr. Barry O'Reilly, Dept. Obstetrics & Gynaecology. "This year it was a great honour to have Dr. Jan Paul Roovers from Amsterdam Dr.  Mark Slack from UK and Dr. Alfred Cutner from UK as our guests and I’m sure that all delegates found the meeting very valuable; Moreover, the availability of new state-of-the art facilities in the Anatomy FLAME lab significantly enhanced the learning experience” said Dr O'Reilly. 



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