(21-05-2005) If I knew then what I know now

O’Rahilly Building Room 132

10.15 a.m – 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 21st May 2005

(registration from 9.30)


10.15 a.m. Welcome.

      Keynote Address: Professor Mary Evans, University of Kent, Canterbury.


11.00 a.m.- 11.30 a.m. If I knew then what I know now! Session I


A short questions and answers session on issues such as relationships with supervisors, time management and managing stress.


Panel: Dr Jacqui O’Riordan (UCC), Catherine Naji (University of Manchester), Dr Carmel Quinlan (UCC), and panel facilitator Dr Katherine O’Donnell (WERRC, UCD).


11.30a.m. – 11.45a.m. Coffee break


11.45a.m. – 1.15 p.m. Work-in Progress Workshops Session I  - 4 parallel workshops



Workshop 1 - O’Rahilly Building  - Room 132 – Facilitator Dr Breda Gray


Pat O’Neill  (UCC MA graduate) Doing their fair share? Men’s participation in domestic duties


Claire Murray (Government of Ireland (IRCHSS) Scholar, Law Dept., UCC) Unravelling the Mental Health Statistics


Maura Dowling  (NUI Galway) "An exploration of the meaning of intimacy in nurse-patient relationships in oncology"




Workshop 2– O’Rahilly Building - Room 144 – Facilitator Dr Rebecca Pelan


Claire Bracken (Government of Ireland (IRCHSS) Scholar, School of English, UCD) Nomadic Journeying Through Repetitive Difference’: Irish Feminist Paradigms and the Poetry of Catherine Walsh


Niamh Hehir (UL) An Application of Julia Kristeva’s Concept of the Semiotic and the Chora to an analysis of Medbh McGuckian’s poetry


Ruth McKee (TCD) Grazia Deledda and Irish Women Writers



Workshop 3– O’Rahilly Building - Room 145 – Facilitator Dr Clióna O Gallchóir [UCC]


Sonja Tiernan (WERRC, UCD) ‘An Angel Troubles the Waters’: The Literary Work of Eva Gore-Booth


Kalene Kenefick (UCC) "The Odd Woman:  The Woman Writer in the Fiction of Una Troy".


Joanna S. Wydenbach (QUB) The process of recovering Irish Women’s Fiction 1900-1924



 Workshop 4– O’Rahilly Building - Room 303 – Facilitator Dr Maire Leane


 Katherina Greiner (UCC) Female Friends and Mother-Substitutes: The Fairy Godmother in Nada, La vieja ley and Mientras vivimos

Clare O’Hagan (Government of Ireland (IRCHSS) Scholar, Dept. of Sociology, UL) Motherhood and Paid Work


Dr Anna Kingston (UCC) In the Name of the Good Mother: a feminist ethnography of mothers of children with special needs in Ireland



 1.15 p.m. – 2.10 p.m. Lunch [In the Staff Restaurant]



2.10 p.m. -2.35 p.m. Meeting re establishing an Irish Women’s Studies Postgraduate Network. Claire Bracken will say a few words about the Athena postgraduate student forum. (http://www.studentforum.athena2.org/),




2. 35 p.m. – 3.45 p.m. Work-in Progress Workshops Session II


Workshop 5 – O’Rahilly Building – Room 144 Facilitator Dr Katherine O’Donnell


Linda Greene  (WERRC, UCD) A documentary and analytical study of lesbian athletes' experiences in Ireland from 1980-present


Angela O’Connell (NUI, Galway) Boulders in the Gateway: Legal and Social Barriers to Lesbian Family Formation in Ireland




Workshop 6 – O’Rahilly Building - Room 145 – Facilitator Dr Kathy Glavanis


Eve Phillips (UCC. MA graduate) Constructive or obstructive? Theoretical dilemmas in the practice of community development


Jen Dewan (Columbia   University, USA) Ethnographic Fear, or the Ghost of Nancy Scheper-Hughes



 Workshop 7 – O’Rahilly Building - Room 132 - Facilitator Prof. Patricia Coughlan


Louise Denmead  (UCC) Cleopatra and Representations of Gender and Race in Elizabeth Cary’s The Tragedie of Mariam


Ann O’Flynn (UL) Utopia or Fool’s Paradise



 3.45p.m.-4.00p.m. Coffee break


 4.00 p.m. - 5.00p.m.  If I knew then what I know now! Session II.


          Getting Published – (O’Rahilly Building Room 132)

 Panel facilitator: Dr Rebecca Pelan (Women’s Studies NUI Galway)

 Panel: Sara Wilbourne (formerly of Cork University Press); Terri McDonnell (Woodfield Press and Round Hall Press); Prof. Mary Evans (University of Kent, Canterbury).

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