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Diploma in Women's Studies (Adult Continuing Education): The Diploma in Women's Studies focuses on the changed and changing roles of women, delving into areas of knowledge relevant to women's lives today. This course challenges negative stereotypes of women, treats women’s experiences as equal in importance to those of men and identifies values, traditions, practices, and perspectives that can be considered distinctively female.

Casilac Research Cluster on Violence, Conflict and Gender: The Casilac Research Cluster on Violence, Conflict and Gender is a dedicated intellectual and creative space for critical reflection on the gendered construction of violence and conflict. It is attentive to cross-cultural thinking on the nature of violence and covers a range of time periods. Much work in the cluster is centered on the cultural politics of representational practices in a range of genres including writing, performance, testimonial archives and visual culture. The cluster welcomes transdisciplinary interventions and approaches from a diverse set of perspectives including feminist theory and is particularly receptive to perspectives that challenge orthodox modes of thinking. The cluster meets monthly and alternates themed reading groups to public seminars given by cluster members or invited speakers.

UCC Women in Irish Society Project: The Women in Irish Society Project is based on a collaborative relationship between the Departments of English, Sociology, and Applied Social Studies. The three interactive research projects seek to illuminate the transformation of women's lives in Irish society over time and place, through literary, sociological and applied social research. The research programme has been developed in direct partnership with the Boole Library at NUI Cork, which houses the Attic Press Archive containing key documents of the Irish Women's Movement. 

Attic Press Archive: The Archives of Attic Press were generated and collected by Róisín Conroy as co-founder and publisher of Attic Press and as an activist in the Irish Women's movement.  They were deposited in the Boole Library, University College, Cork by Conroy in 1997.  The core sections of the collection relate to the activities of Conroy while working as a librarian within the research unit of the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union (ITGWU), to Irish Feminist Information (IFI) and to Attic Press.   There is also a small amount of ancillary material.  The collection, therefore, reflects the various facets of Conroy's career as a librarian and information officer, publisher, disseminator or information and campaigner for women's rights.  The material dates from the early seventies to the 1990s.

UCC Feminist Society: The aim of UCC Feminist Society is to promote equality on campus and beyond through awareness raising and campaigning about and against gender discrimination. The society strives to provide social space for the development of feminist ideas and strategies as well as responding to sexism with effective protest.

UCC LGBT SocietyUCC’s Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, and Trans* Society's main aim is to provide a safe space for its members & raise awareness of LGBT issues through various campaigns and events. 

Cork and Ireland

Linc Lesbians in Cork: LINC aims to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of all women who identify as lesbian or bisexual in Ireland.

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre: The OSS Cork provides services to men and women who have experienced or are currently experiencing domestic violence.

Sexual Violence Centre Cork: The Centre provides direct services to the survivors of rape, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

The National Women's Council of Ireland: The National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) is the leading national women’s membership organisation seeking equality between women and men, founded in 1973.

Herstory Ireland: Herstory's mission is to tell the multi-faceted, lost, forgotten and untold life stories of Irish women past and present.

Together for Yes Ireland: Together for Yes is the National Civil Society Campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment from the Irish Constitution and to make abortion safe and legal.

The Elephant Collective: The Elephant Collective includes individuals and groups who have been affected by, or have concerns over maternal deaths in Ireland.

Women's and Gender Studies in Ireland

National University of Ireland, Galway, Centre for Global Women's Studies 

Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Gender, Feminisms and Sexualities 

University College Dublin, Women's Studies Centre

Dublin City University, Representing Women Project

University of Limerick, Gender, Culture & Society

Queen's University in Belfast, Queen's Gender Initiative

Women's Studies

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