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(24-05-2008) Exploring Mothers: Discourses, Representations, Practices

A Conference Convened by

The Board of Women’s Studies UCC


The Association for Research on Mothering in Ireland (ARMI) in conjunction with

May 24, 2008

University College Cork

Exploring Mothers: Discourses, Representations and Practices of Mothering

May 24, 2008

University College Cork



9.30pm – 10.00 pm - Registration


Welcome 10.00 10.05


10.05-10.45          Tina Miller –Keynote: Exploring Mothers: Overlap and Diversity in Caring, Loving and Ambivalent Mothering Relationships



10.45-11.00 Coffee



11.00 – 1.00 pm Parallel Sessions:


1.         Supporting Mothering -  O’Rahilly Building Room 156


Ellen Brady, UCD

Exploring Mothers: Representations and Practices of Mothering


Andrew DugganUniversity of Huddersfield

Challenging Mother Blame: Narrative Conversations With Mothers


Adele Jones, University of Huddersfield

Letter to a Social Worker: Reflections on Adoption and Mothering – A Black Woman’s Perspective


Fionnuala O’Fiannachta

Supporting Mothering: A Personal Perspective


 2.         Constructing Mothers  -  O’Rahilly Building Room 132


Máire Leane, UCC

Understanding Mothers, Mothering and Motherhood in Contemporary    

Ireland:  the Potential of a Feminist Approach.


Noelia Igareda, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Motherhood as a Subject of Law  


Angela O’Connell, UCG

Investigating Ideals of Motherhood from a Lesbian Feminist Standpoint


The VOICE Group: Susi Geiger (UCD), Lisa O’Malley (UL), Andrea Prothero (UCD)

The Mother of Consumerism: Why We Feel Our Newborn Will Only Be Happy in a €1000 Buggyl



1pm – 2 pm  Lunch



2.00pm-4.00pm - Afternoon Session



3.         Mothering and Employment  - O’Rahilly Building Room 156


 Maria Quinlan, TCD

The Impact of Motherhood on Workforce Participation: Has So Called  ‘Choice Feminism’ Failed Mothers In The Workplace?


Patricia Lyne, UCC

Women What Are You Waiting For? An Exploratory Study of Why Women Had Their First Child After The Age of Thirty in Ireland Between 1996 and 2006


Clare O’Hagan, UL

Irish Feminism, ‘Working Mothers’ and Reflexive Moral Reasoning


Meabh Smith

To Work or Not to Work: Sin an Cheist!



4.00 pm – 4.15 pm COFFEE

  1. 4.                    Plenary  Session - O’Rahilly Building Room 156



Supported by Women’s Studies, and the College of Arts,

 Celtic Studies &  Social Sciences, UCC

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