Graduate Opportunities


Students residing in Ireland might be entitled to receive a Postgraduate Fee Contribution, or a Postgraduate Fee Grant:

Non-EU students might wish to apply for a Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship:

A few competitive scholarships are also available at CACCSS level:

Higher Degrees/Further Studies

For some, the experience of studying Women’s Studies opens up new possibilities within academia such as studying for a PhD. [UCC offers a PhD in Women’s Studies]

Some students recognise the potential for a change of direction and further professional training, e.g. studying law, training as a social worker or counsellor.

Women's Studies and Employment

An MA is a higher degree and in their year of study students develop transferable skills that enhance their employment potential, including:

  • Critical thinking

  • Analytic skills

  • Innovative approaches

  • Gender expertise

  • Understanding of power dynamics

  • Understanding of diversity

  • Awareness of social justice issues

  • Self-confidence

Recent European studies [1] suggest that Women’s Studies graduates enter a wide range of occupations in the public and private sectors. Some seek work related to their areas of study while others carry their skills into new areas.

Areas of Employment May Include:

  • Equal opportunities/equality advisory

  • Research and education

  • Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Journalism and information sector

  • Social and Health sector

[1] For further information see: Gabrielle Griffin (ed.) Doing Women’s Studies. Employment Opportunities, Personal Impacts and Social Consequences, London: Zed Books, 2005.

Women's Studies

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