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(04-09-2015) Performance, Politics, Protest

Performance, Politics, Protest

(Hosted by Drama and Theatre Studies in cooperation with Women's Studies)

9am Welcome and opening remarks, Dr. Máire Leane, Vice-Head of College, CACSSS, UCC

9.10 -10.55am      Panel 1:  (Dis)appearing Acts: Counter/acting & Counter publics

Chair: Dr. Vittorio Buffachi

Dr. P.M.G. Verstraete, Hacettepe University Ankara, “Performing Arts at the Vanishing Point of Social Protest in a ‘New’ Turkey”.

Dr Gillian Whiteley, Loughborough University, “From being one to being many: minor acts of dissent and the creation of counterpublics”.

Dr. Cecilia Sosa (University of East London –CONICET/Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, Argentina), “The Performances of Blood: Queering Feelings of Kinship in the Aftermath of Argentina’s Dictatorship”.

Dr. Mark Chu, University College Cork, “Dario Fo, terrorism and the judiciary: locating the surreal”

10.55-11.10 Break (15 mins) Tea/Coffee

11.10-12.30   Panel 2 : Creative Acts and/of Citizenship

Chair: TBC

Dr. Eileen Hogan, University College Cork, “Performing Protest through Playing Praxis: Well-being and postmaterial values in Cork’s music scene”

Becci Jeffers, University College Cork, “The dramaturgy of young people’s activism”.

Dr. Helena BufferyUniversityCollegeCork, “Bodies of Protest: the Dancer as Effigy and Heteropathic Witness on the Contemporary Catalan Stage”

12.30-1.30 Lunch Break

1.30-3.15-  Panel 3: The (inter)play of politics, protest and community

Chair: Dr. Sandra McAvoy

Sarah O’Toole, NUI Galway, “The Ladies Day Suffragette Caper: Feminist Strategies for Media Decolonisation through Performing the ‘Irresistible Image’.”

Jenny RogersUniversity CollegeCork, “From Ancient Grudge Break To New Mutiny: Using the Digital Archive to Inform Contemporary Practice”.

Dr. Niamh Hourigan, University CollegeCork, “Political Polarization and Water Protests: Austerity, Resistance and Changing Values in Ireland”.

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, Ulster University“Honour, Gender and Democratic Community”

3.15- 3.30 Break (15mins) Tea/Coffee

 3.30-4.50 pm Panel 4: Alternative spaces: Interruption, (re)invention and interventions

Chair: TBC

Joe ParslowRoyalCentralSchool of Speech and Drama, University of London, “‘A Queer Threw Up At the Sight of That’: Queer Performance, Protest and the Loss of Queer Spaces in London”..

Mary Roynane-Keane, Independent Artist,  “Art and Alzheimer’s”.

Dr. Lee CampbellLoughboroughUniversitySchool of the Arts, “Cinematic interruptions: intermeshing cinema, live performance, slapstick and technology”

4.55 Keynote Introduction Chair: Dr. Máire Leane, Vice-Head of College, CACSSS, UCC

 5.00- 6.00 Keynote

Prof. Vicki Callahan School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California

Skillful Digital Activism: Cultivating Media Ecologies for Transformative Social Change”

This presentation explores the conceptual frameworks and practical strategies employed in social change campaigns that have utilized digital media as a crucial component of their organizing tool kit.   Moving beyond the hazards of superficial social media engagement, or the justly maligned “clicktivism,” to transformative and long term impact, I examine a range of case studies that have worked to develop a “horizontal,” rather than top down, rich media ecology, which networks diverse groups, fosters community, and promotes real change.    Whether using virtual reality, interactive documentaries, or DIY tools, projects such as Hunger in LA, Lunch Love CommunityThrough the Lens Darkly/Digital Diaspora, VozMob, and#BlackLivesMatter are all pioneering digital tools and strategies in the struggle for social justice.


6.30-7.30pm Performance followed by Q&A:

Ava Hunt, Acting Alone

Venue: UCC Drama Lab, Connolly Complex, Western Road

Including brief Q&A Chair: Dr. Jools Gilson

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