Graduate Testimonies

What our Graduates say

Ms Helen Callanan, former Sunday Tribune editor:

‘Studying history is like watching a movie on a wide screen -- you get a bigger picture. You see what others miss and you can put present day events and personalities in context -- whether it’s the break-up of former Yugoslavia, the stumbling of Boris Yeltsin, or even the Moriarity Tribunal. Your perspective is altered by the knowledge that only history can supply. In UCC, studying history was even more special -- world-class historians on your doorstep who want not just to teach, but also to hear your opinions. And if people ask you “What job does history qualify you for?” the answer is obvious: what job doesn’t it prepare you for?”. History isn’t just for historians, even journalism has been described as “history on the run”’.

Ms Sheana O’Sullivan :

‘I read for an MPhil in 1920s Irish history. These two years represented a great learning experience for me both personally and academically. Not only did I develop an interesting insight into Irish politics but I also acquired good communication skills, strong writing skills, and a high level of literacy. These skills have been utterly transferable to my career in sales and marketing with a management consultancy firm.’

Mr Finbarr O’Shea, freelance editor:

‘As a freelance editor I work for a number of leading Irish publishers, mainly on academic texts. I would say that the key attributes of a good editor -- a questioning mind, attention to detail and accuracy, and strong compositional skills -- are precisely the attributes that are fostered by the study of history’.

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