Second Year History

Second Year History

Second Year History


1st Semester:


HI2109 The Global Renaissance: 1300-1600 (core module)

 Tuesday           2 - 3 pm                       Boole 3

 Thursday         11 am - 12 noon          Kane GO1


2nd Semester:


Students select one of the following two core modules:



 HI2103 The Long Nineteenth-century: Europe, Ireland and the Wider World II

 Monday           2-3 pm                         Western Gateway Bldg G05

 Wednesday      11 am – 12 noon         Civil Engineering 110




HI2108 From Reformation to Enlightenment: Europe, Ireland and the Wider World I

 Tuesday           2 – 3 pm                      Boole 3

 Thursday         11 am – 12 noon         Kane GO1


The following module is obligatory for students taking either 40 or 50 credits of History:


HI2104 Special Research Project

Wednesday, 12 noon -1 pm                Electrical Eng. L2  (a session will take place on Wednesday, 21 September)


In addition to the History options on offer to all categories of History students the following Greek and Roman Civilisation module is on offer to students taking 40 or 50 credits of History


GR2018          Roman Imperial History: AD 14-68 (2nd Semester) (Dr David Woods)

                        Tuesday, 10-11 am                  ORB 202

                        Friday, 12 noon – 1 pm           ORB101


Please see other notice on introductory lectures in HI2105 as this module is also offered in the 1st Semester





Dr Jérôme aan de Wiel: Anthony Glees, The Stasi Files; East Germany's Secret Operations against Britain (The Free Press, 2004)

Tuesday, 12 noon – 2 pm                    Seminar Room 1, Silverdale


Dr Andy Bielenberg: Peter Hart, The IRA and its enemies, violence and community in Cork 1916-1923 (Oxford University Press, 1998)

Wednesday, 2-4 pm                            Seminar Room, Tyrconell


Dr Bozena Cierlik: M. Glenny, The rebirth of history: Eastern Europe in the age of democracy (Penguin Books, 1990) and G. Gill, Democracy and post-communism: political change in the post-communist world (Routledge, 2002)

Thursday, 12 noon – 2 pm                  Seminar Room 2 Silverdale


Dr Larry Geary: R.D. Edwards & T.D. Williams (eds), The Great Famine: Studies in Irish History 1845-52 (Browne and Nolan, Dublin, 1956)

Wednesday, 1-3pm                             Seminar Room I, Silverdale


Dr Detmar Klein: Being Jewish in Nazi Germany: the Diaries of Victor Klemperer

Tuesday, 11 am – 1 pm                       Seminar Room, Tyrconnell


Dr Malgorzata D’Aughton: Colmán Ó Clabaigh, The Franciscans in Ireland 1400-1534. From Reform to Reformation (Four Courts Press, 2002)

Tuesday, 10 am -12 noon                    Seminar Room 1, Silverdale


Dr Hiram Morgan, 'Edmund Spenser's View of the Present State of Ireland'

Wednesday, 2-4 pm                            Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


Mr Rory O’Dwyer, Diarmuid Ferriter, Judging Dev: a reassessment of the life and legacy of Eamon de Valera (RIA, Dublin, 2007)

Monday, 10 am – 12 noon                  Seminar Room, 2 Silverdale


Dr Clare O’Halloran: Historians and Sources: the Irish Rebellion of 1641

Friday, 11 am – 1 pm                          Seminar Room 1, Silverdale


1st Semester:



HI2031             Ireland and Rome: history culture and contact (Dr Damian Bracken & Prof B Dooley)

                       Thursday, 1-3 pm                    West Wing 8


HI2042            Modern Russian and Soviet History (Prof. Geoffrey Roberts)

                        Tuesday, 5-6 pm                     WW9

                        Wednesday, 10-11 am             ORB 255 Seminar Room


HI2046            Policing and Popular Justice in Ireland, 1803-1960 (Dr John Borgonovo)

                        Thursday, 4-5 pm                    Fd Sc. Bldg A1

                        Friday, 12 noon – 1 pm           Geography/Geology Lecture Theatre


HI2047            Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust (Dr Detmar Klein)

                        Monday, 1-2 pm                     Civil Eng. G10

                        Wednesday, 10-11 am             Elect. Eng. L1             



2nd Semester:


HI2003            Culture and Power: Renaissance Intellectual History, 1450-1650 (Dr Hiram Morgan)

                        Thursday, 2-4 pm                    Seminar Room, Tyrconnell


HI2014            Women in Early Modern Europe 1500-1800 (Dr Clare O’Halloran)

                        Monday, 3-4 pm                     Boole 6

                        Wednesday, 2-3 pm                Cavanagh Phar. Bldg LG52


HI2017            Geography and Imagination in Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Dr Diarmuid Scully)

                        Thursday, 4-6 pm                    West Wing 5


HI2022            The History of the Media in Ireland (Dr Finola Doyle-O’Neill)

                        Tuesday, 12 noon-2 pm          West Wing 6


HI2025            The Vikings (Mr John Ware)

                        Monday, 4-5 pm                     Kane GO2

                        Tuesday, 4-5 pm                     Civil Engineering 110


HI2036            Sport and Society in Modern Ireland (Mr Gabriel Doherty)

                        Monday, 10 am – 12 noon      Connolly Bldg S3A



HI2038            The Tudors and Ireland (Dr David Edwards)

                        Monday, 10–11 am                 Aras na Laoi G18

                        Tuesday, 10-11 am                  Food Science Bldg 322


HI2041            US Foreign Policy and the Cold War, 1943-1991 (Prof. David Ryan)

                        Wednesday, 3-5 pm                Geography/Geology Lecture Theatre 


HI2043            Digital History (Dr Mike Cosgrave)

                        Wednesday, 9-11 am               Conn A                      


HI2044            Crime and Media in Ireland (Dr Finola Doyle-O’Neill)

                        Monday, 10 am – 12 noon      Seminar Room 1, Silverdale


HI2045            Crime, Violence, and Revolutionary Ireland, 1913-1925 (Dr John Borgonovo)

                        Tuesday, 4-5 pm                     Kane G18

                        Thursday, 4-5 pm                    Kane G18


HI2103            The long nineteenth century: Europe, Ireland and the Wider World II

                        (Dr Detmar Klein & Dr Andrew McCarthy)

                        Monday, 2-3 pm                     Western Gateway Bldg G05 

                        Wednesday, 11 am–12 noon   Civil Engineering 110


HI2108            From Reformation to Enlightenment: Europe, Ireland and the Wider

                      World I (Staff)

                        Tuesday, 2–3 pm                     Boole 3

                        Thursday, 11 am – 12 noon    Kane GO1

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