Third Year History

Third Year History

Third Year History

Core (1st Semester)


HI3001            Historical Debate

                        Tuesday, 11 am - 12 noon                 Boole 2

                        Thursday, 12 noon – 1 pm                 Kane G01


The following module is obligatory for students taking either 40 or 50 credits of History:


HI3302            Special Research Project                    

Wednesday, 12 noon – 1 pm              Electrical Engineering L2

                                                         (A session will be held on Wednesday, 21 September)


In addition to the History options on offer to all categories of History students the following Greek and Roman Civilisation module is on offer to students taking 40 or 50 credits of History

GR3011          Late Roman History, AD 284-395 (1st teaching period) (Dr David Woods)

                        Thursday, 9-10 am                             O’Rahilly Bldg 203

                        Thursday, 3-4 pm                               O’Rahilly Bldg G38


GR3022          Byzantium and the Rise of Islam (2nd Semester) (Dr David Woods)

                      Wednesday, 1-2 pm                            ORB 212

                      Thursday, 9-10 am                             ORB 203




HI2046            Policing and Popular Justice in Ireland, 1803-1960 (Dr John Borgonovo)

                        Thursday, 4-5 pm                                Fd Sc. Bldg A1

                        Friday, 12 noon – 1 pm                       Geography/Geology Lecture Theatre


H3015             The People’s Health (Dr Larry Geary)

                        Tuesday, 2-3 pm                                 O’Rahilly Bldg 156

                        Thursday, 10-11 am                            Boole 5


HI3024            Northern Ireland (Mr Gabriel Doherty)

                        Wednesday, 3 - 5 pm                          Connolly Bldg J5


HI3026            Irish Economic and Social History during the Union (Dr Andy Bielenberg)

                        Monday, 11 am – 12 noon                  Conn S3

                        Wednesday, 11 am – 12 noon             Askive GO1


HI3033            Irish Film History (Dr Finola Doyle-O’Neill)

                        Tuesday, 12 noon -2 pm                     West Wing 5


HI3044            International Relations I (Prof. Geoff Roberts)

                        Thursday, 4-6 pm                                Boole 1


HI3045            The politics of church and state (Dr Andrew McCarthy)

                        Wednesday, 5–7 pm                            West Wing 5


HI3116            Culture and ideology in nineteenth-century Europe (Dr Detmar Klein)

                        Tuesday, 3-5 pm                                 West Wing 9


HI3120            The United States and the Vietnam Wars, 1945-1975 (Dr David Fitzgerald)

                       Wednesday, 11 am – 12 noon             O’Rahilly Bldg 255 SR


HI3122            Art and Religion in the Late Middle Ages (Dr Malgorzata Krasnodebska-D’Aughton)

                        Monday, 10 am – 12 noon                  Room GO1, 3 Carrigside


HI3127            Religion and Magic in Reformation Europe: Witches, Demons, Jews and Heretics (Dr Jason Harris)

                        Monday, 5-6 pm                                 Civil Engineering 110

                        Wednesday, 2-3 pm                            West Wing 6





HI2045            Crime, Violence, and Revolutionary Ireland, 1913-1925 (Dr John Borgonovo)

                        Tuesday, 4-5 pm                                 Kane G18

                        Thursday, 4-5 pm                                Kane G18


HI3028            State and Economy in Independent Ireland 1922-2010 (Dr Andy Bielenberg)

                        Tuesday, 11 am - 12 noon                   Elec. Eng. L2

                        Wednesday 11 am – 12 noon              O’Rahilly Bldg 123


HI3042            Ascendancy Ireland, c. 1690-1800: Culture and Society in the Georgian Age (Dr Clare O’Halloran)

                        Tuesday, 12 noon – 1 pm                    Seminar Room, Tyrconnell

                        Wednesday, 4-5 pm                            Seminar Room, Tyrconnell    


HI3043            Politics, society and the Irish novel: from Union to Independence (Mr Rory O’Dwyer)

                        Monday, 10-11 am                              Aras na Laoi GO2

                        Wednesday, 11 am – 12 noon             Aras na Laoi G19


HI3052            From Pagans to Christians (Dr Damian Bracken)

                        Tuesday, 10-11 am                              Kane B10A

                        Thursday, 3-4 pm                                West Wing 9


HI3082            Armadas: the Anglo-Spanish conflict, 1585-1604 (Dr Hiram Morgan)

                        Tuesday, 3-5 pm                                 West Wing 9


HI3095            European Imperialism, 1450-1750 (Dr David Edwards)

                        Monday, 3-5 pm                                 Food Science Bldg 322


HI3124            Cold War China (Dr Michael Whelan)

                        Monday, 5-6 pm                                 Aras na Laoi G19

                        Wednesday, 1-2 pm                            Aras na Laoi GO2


HI3125            Nuclear Politics and Proliferation (Dr Mervyn O’Driscoll & Staff)

                        Tuesday, 2-4 pm                                 West Wing 6


HI3129            US Collective Memory, Intervention and the Impact of Vietnam, 1968-2004  (Prof. David Ryan)

                        Tuesday, 3-4 pm                                 West Wing 5

                        Friday, 12 noon – 1 pm                       Civil Eng. G10


HI3132            Soviet Communism in World Politics: From the Russian Revolution to the Cold War (Prof. Geoffrey Roberts)

                        Wednesday, 4-5 pm                            ORB 156

                        Thursday, 1-2 pm                                Kane B10A


HI3133            Digital History (Dr Mike Cosgrave)

                       Wednesday, 9-11 am                                Conn A



Communications, Culture and Identity in Twentieth Century Ireland (Dr Finola Doyle-O’Neill)

Tuesday, 9–11 am                   Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


US Foreign Policy, War and the Middle East since 1947 (Prof. David Ryan)

Friday, 11 am – 1 pm              Seminar Room, Tyrconell


The European Renaissance: Ideals of Civil Society (Dr Jason Harris)

Friday, 10 am – 12 noon         Seminar Room, 1 Elderwood


The Great Famine and its aftermath (Dr Larry Geary)

Monday, 2-4 pm                     Seminar Room, Tyrconnell


The government of Northern Ireland 1921-1972 (Mr Gabriel Doherty)

Wednesday, 12 noon – 2 pm   Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


The Irish Diaspora in comparative perspective (Mr Rory O’Dwyer)

Thursday, 10 am–12 noon      Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


God’s playground or the world’s headache? History of Poland from 1918 (Dr Bozena Cierlik)

Friday, 11 am – 1pm               Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


Health and Politics in Independent Ireland (Dr Andrew McCarthy)

Tuesday, 3-5 pm                     Seminar Room I, Silverdale


Monastic Ireland: from its origins to its dissolution (Dr Damian Bracken & Dr Malgorzata Krasnodębska D’Aughton)

Thursday, 10 am – 12 noon    Seminar Room, 1 Elderwood


Murder and Intrigue in Sixteenth-century Ireland (Dr David Edwards)

Thursday, 2-4 pm                    Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


Resistance, Conquest and Plantation: Ireland in the age of Hugh O’Neill, 1550-1616 (Dr Hiram Morgan)

Thursday, 2-4 pm                    Seminar Room, Tyrconnell


War and revolution in Cork 1914-1923 (Dr Andy Bielenberg)

Thursday, 10 am – 12 noon    Seminar Room 1, Silverdale


Women and Irish Society, 1800-1939 (Dr Clare O’Halloran)

Tuesday, 3-5 pm                     Seminar Room 2, Silverdale


Based on student numbers, there is no guarantee that all seminars will be running.

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